I made a reddit post that describes the problem with the arcana at the moment. Someone told me I should post it here.

Below is a copy paste of post for those who don't want to click the above link.
I am a Reddit noob and this is my second post ever my first being a failed version of this post. I apologize if I do a poor job of showing the problem properly or with low quality.
The way CM arcana behaves from source 1->source 2 has been bothering me and I tried to gather some evidence since I can't use source 1 quickly atm.

Source 1 movement:
Notice how the arcana bends and flows behind crystal maiden very fabric like feel to it.
Gifs were made from a youtube video that fit the requirement for gfycat and showed some decent movement here.

Source 2 movement:
Arcana remains stiff and hovers behind CM as she moves no bending horizontally losing a lot of its liveliness. I made this gif using obs sry for low quality.

I am unaware if there are game settings that solve this problem or if it is something only I experience. It is not a game breaking issue but it bothers me enough to not play cm plus it is an arcana quality item. Hope this post would bring it some attention help it get fixed.