Hi, I was referred here from Steam Support.

I recently found a stack of player autograph cards I never redeemed from TI4. I redeemed them in-game using the console command "dota_redeem_item_code" and most of them are turning out fine but a couple just show up as "Genuine Autograph: /" and shows "Autographed by /" at the bottom. The 2 autographs that are showing up like this are Arrow ddz, and CIS Black^. I first thought this was because the teams (Arrow and CIS) are now defunct but one of the Arrow players' autographs works fine. I'm afraid to try any more in case this bug happens to the others as well, but I still have a handful more to redeem.
Untitled.png Attached is an image of the bug as seen in-game.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.