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[Pudge Arcana] No custom Dismember effects against some heroes

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  • [Pudge Arcana] No custom Dismember effects against some heroes

    Skeletons: Clinkz and Pugna do not have any flesh, but Dismember uses the default flesh effect on them. It should have a custom effect for skeleton units

    Nagas: Is it intended for the fish heroes to use regular red/flesh? It feels like they should have a different effect, to fit more their amphibian nature. Heroes in question are: Naga Siren, Slardar, Slark, Tidehunter and maybe Medusa (and maybe Sven).


    Rubick's model doesn't look like he is some regular fleshy being, with all the green stuff visible through his entire front. So shouldn't Dismember use some green effects on him?

    Underlord uses the default red/flesh effects, which kind of looks unfitting.

    Sand King is the only insect-like hero who uses the default flesh effect. Nyx and Weaver use a different effect. Also, according to his lore, he is literally sand taking the shape of arachnid.

    Non-hero units: Only heroes got custom effects. Non-hero units were left out completely. Good thing is, the already existing custom effects can be applied to all of these:

    Siege creeps: Use Tinker/Shredder/Clockwerk/ effect, minus the gore (so just gears and stuff)
    Neutral Ghosts & Fell Spirits: Use Ethereal, very light-blue, or white
    Neutral Mud Golem, Shard Golem, Rock Golem and Granite Golem: Use stone (and maybe ethereal for mud, with brown color)
    Skeleton Warriors (from Dark Troll Summoner, and Wraith King): If you add a custom effect for Clinkz/Pugna, they should use it, too
    Visage's Familiars: Use ethereal with same color as Visage (or maybe just grey, since they appear more like stone)
    Spiderlings and Spiderites: Use goo with same color as Broodmother
    Invoker's Forged Spirit: Use fire
    Warlock's Golem: Use fire
    Primal Split Fire element: Use fire
    Primal Split Earth element: Use stone
    Primal Split Storm element: Use electric
    Furion's Treants & Greater Treants: Use wood
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    I see gibtype "bone" exists (according to the arcana response rules), but no hero has their gibs set to bones. When I set the gib typ to bones, the red x placeholder particles appear, so there is no bone gib effect in-game yet.
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      The arcana responses list 11 different gib types:


      Water, Bone and Undead don't exist. Bone should exist for Clinkz and Pugna.

      Also, the arcana has no response rules for gib type "motor".
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        Please, just call me buny.