The Darkclaw Emiisary Staff has a copy of almost every animation of Dazzle, since it needs the staff itself animated as well.

It's missing the following animations:

1. teleport_end_injured
2. versus_grave
3. death_dropA
4. death_dropB
5. death_alt
6. death_alt_dropA
7. death_alt_dropB
8. death_alt_dropC

For the teleport anim, it currently uses the non-injured version. For versus, it uses the default versus animation, which breaks the staff. However, the staff isn't visible inthe versus shot, so it's not important.

It's also missing a copy of the alternate death animations. It's not important, since he just uses the 1 copy he has, but it's kind of a qualty drop for the item. It should at least have a copy of death_alt.