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[Doom] Zeal of Omosh Arkosh missing animations

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  • [Doom] Zeal of Omosh Arkosh missing animations

    The Zeal of Omosh Arkosh is supposed to have a copy of every animation where Doom's default hand gets hidden, since it heavily clips through the immortal hand.

    It is missing a lot of animations though. He currently only has idle, idle_rare, idle_injured, and loadout animations.

    He is missing:

    1. run_anim
    2. run_injured_anim
    3. run_haste_anim
    4. death
    5. death_dropA
    6. death_dropB
    7. spell_channeling_2
    8. teleport
    9. spawn
    10. versus_leveldeath
    11. attack_anim
    12. attack2_anim
    13. attack_infernal_blade
    14. attack_injured
    15. attack2_injured
    16. stomp_anim
    17. cast_level_death_anim
    18. cast_doom_anim
    19. stun_anim
    20. flail_anim
    21. cast_generic_4_anim
    22. cast_generic_5_anim
    26. spell_channeling_1_anim
    27. victory_anim
    28. teleport_end_anim
    29. defeat_anim
    30. generic_channel
    31. attack_eyeoffetizu_anim
    32. attack_eyeoffetizu2
    33. attack_eyeoffetizu3
    34. attack_base_eyeoffetizu
    35. idle_alt_crowns_hell_anim
    36. attack1_pyre_anim
    37. attack2_pyre_anim
    38. attack_base_pyre
    38. attack2_base_pyre

    Also, what's with the _devour animations? They are identical to the default animations. The immortal does not have custom devour animations either, so these are currently kind of pointless.
    Please, just call me buny.