I have moved my techies' Inscribed Gem from:
"Swine Arsenal - Legendary Remote Mines" to "Inscribed Pachyderm Powderwagon Remote Mine - Immortal weapon"
"Exalted Swine of the Sunken Galley - Arcana Swine Cannon" to "Inscribed Pachyderm Powderwagon Elephant - Immortal mount"

Since then, the gem never counts anymore in-game. During the game, when I get a kill by Suicide, it will display how many I've killed and count, but after the game, the number will reset to before the game every time. And kill someone by "Proximity Mine" or "Remote Mine" will neither display kills nor count.

Also, the techies new "Pachyderm Powderwagon" set, all the icon except "Stasis Trap" can not display as normal under 4K resolution when you frame selection them.