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Game Bug - Level Up But no Item

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  • Game Bug - Level Up But no Item

    Hi Valve Support Team,

    I recently hit level 3 in Battle Points whilst playing with 3 friends in matchmaking, we all experienced the same bug where we got playerlevel 22 with 9999 wins and the experience bugged out. Fortunately, after a couple of restarts we managed to get DOTA 2 working again. Unfortunately for me, this was the game I leveled up and I didn't receive my item

    Is it possible to apply an item in retrospect? Would be much appreciated! My steam name is Owlheart

    Have already supported Valve thus far with Jugg Dog and Invoker/Furion outfits!


  • #2
    Are level ups suppose to give items?
    Please, just call me buny.


    • #3
      Hey yeah valve mentions in the store opening blog that level ups are a guaranteed new item!


      • #4
        are items a gameplay mechanics? there is a dedicated forum for bugs with the cosmetics.

        the battlepoints sometimes mess with the server. my guess is, that valve is already working on that.
        i wouldnt count on a refund of cosmetics however. it's a beta and bugs are supposed to be found, not compensated. otherwise we can aswell start opening game annullment threads for every game we lost due to a bug from the common bug list.
        Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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        • #5
          Oh ok didn't know there was a cosmetics forum thanks! I agree to an extent and i understand the game is still in beta, but you see now that real money is on the table (something of worth which I could have kept/traded) - it would be nice to be compensated


          • #6
            Before posting a bug read the Bug posting guidelines first and check the Known Bugs list For existing bugs.

            Use the report () button when you need help from a Moderator.


            • #7
              This just happened to me as well. Some extra information: I ended up disconnecting at the end of the game, but still received the battle points, and as a result, leveled up, but no new items appeared in my backpack.


              • #8
                Sad i leveled and didn't get an item too.
                I was afk and alt tab to let the other team finish throne and when i come back no item.
                Also theres a blank slot on bottom left at end of the game.
                Oh well.


                • #9
                  Yeah Mighty Mush...the points didn't display at first, but got applied in the end when DOTA 2 started working again. Shame was grinding all day for the level up and then no item


                  • #10
                    happened to me aswell.


                    • #11
                      Yep, same here. Leveled up to level 2 and didn't receive a item.


                      • #12
                        So i got an item and a box out of the blue.
                        Maybe level up bonus item sometimes get delayed or something.


                        • #13
                          THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO!

                          I was playing and when I reached level 4 I did not recieve any items. Not sure why either.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by VIPowL View Post
                            ...we all experienced the same bug where we got playerlevel 22 with 9999 wins and the experience bugged out...
                            This bug happened to me a couple of times.


                            • #15
                              i reached lvl2 and didnt got a item :\