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Lost ITems and No item On LvL up

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  • Lost ITems and No item On LvL up

    Hello guys i want to report this two bugs that happan to my friend
    1st bug - I invited a friend to dota with invite and we played 1 game his 1st game he found a sword we all saw it but it wasnt in his backpack and never apeared so its gone
    2nd Now Hes lvl 2 and he didnt get an item ... Mod pls look up his acount cuz he had 3 drops since than and got only one witch is totaly Bugged Out and unfair ...
    Here is His Steem Profile
    Match ID from 1st game ( One with sword ) 19482122
    Match ID from 2nd Game LVL up NO ITEM BUG -19943298
    I am reporting this since he is very new and cant go around the forum so well ...
    EDIT : I can see a New item " HEad CRUSHER" in his inv but it has no icon and he cant see it in back pack ( He reastarted a few times ... ) I gues its the Lvl up item but it shows in invent only ... Not in backpack
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    I used to be a mannered player but then i took a CYKA to the knee ! ValveKnights the new name for Scrub..

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    Ok so He cant see it and the item has no Icon (Img ) we Made a Trade and he had it in trade but it had no picture ... He traded it to me ... And i Couldnt see it in back pack too ... I traded it back and he couldnt see it as well ... So this Item Must be buged ...
    Name of item "Head Crusher " Item For axe Uncommon ...
    I used to be a mannered player but then i took a CYKA to the knee ! ValveKnights the new name for Scrub..


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      I used to be a mannered player but then i took a CYKA to the knee ! ValveKnights the new name for Scrub..


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        All I can tell you is that the "Head Crusher" Axe weapon is not supposed to be in game, and you are not supposed to be able to get it. GreenMarine said in another thread that they would be replacing the item with something else eventually.

        As for your friend not receiving items I have no clue.


        • #5
          i have same problem...
          can we get some other item instead of that?
          i would like any uncommon item for jugg :3


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            That item is not supposed to be in the game. It is a known bug.

            Reported already here:

            Please refer to that thread.
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              But his 1st item is gone witch he earned it was the Bounty Sword i think ... ( I know that all items apear at end and i know not all are for one player but he got a drop his 1st game 100% sure had his nick under it and everything and we talked on skype and it apeared to the left of his screen and so on ) I Think valve must chech this bug and i am pritty sure its related to the steem profile since my friend made his steem 30 mins before he played his 1st game and didnt have a steem profile yet ..
              I used to be a mannered player but then i took a CYKA to the knee ! ValveKnights the new name for Scrub..