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    hahahahaha i'm chinese myself and I'm laughing my ass off on this guy's written english


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      Originally posted by tenyuhuang View Post
      PS: it's also funny to burn your video card then blame the game - and claim compensation from Valve - in your other thread. It's one of the reasons I want to play DoTA 2.
      ok we need to see that thread/post and we need your help to translate it as well. get going soldier! this is defcon 1 mission!! GOGOGO!
      "Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad."


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        From sksksama's translation I take it that OP lost 15$ to Valve and got nothing. If it is like this, it's actually really a problem, because then it is fraud.


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          Originally posted by Irrelevante View Post
          He's asking for compensation from valve? Holy shit. I wish I could read Chinese.
          It's in another thread... here:
          ...says he burnt his video card (Nvidia GTS250), and blame this accident to DoTA 2 updates
          ...and asks Valve to give him a Sapphire HD6850 2GB GDDR DDR5 for compensation


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            Originally posted by Typhox View Post
            From sksksama's translation I take it that OP lost 15$ to Valve and got nothing. If it is like this, it's actually really a problem, because then it is fraud.
            Because DoTA 2 store is currently unavailable for - but maybe not limited to - mainland China.
            Everytime you visit in China it will return "The store is currently closed. Please try back in a few minutes."
            I didn't read TOS. But I suppose that Valve is not responsible for this situation where the service is not provided for that region.
            Remember if you try to to buy a product which is unavailable in your region, you may get banned? Maybe they work the same way.

            From the screenshots of OP, you will encounter the same error if you try to buy a product that is unavailable to your region by adding "?cc=us" at the end of link in Steam Store.
            Last edited by tenyuhuang; 06-19-2012, 01:57 AM.


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              BTW lemme put down my bias and translate the original OP's Chinese post for you:

              上面的图组,是BUG 问题的所在。
              本人已经安装了支付宝证书 所以完全是可以在香港支付美元
              所以 充值美元进入steam是成立的,那么前几张图片显示最后付款界面会有一串英文提示你内部服务 器错误

              The images above describes the BUG I'm encountering.
              I've installed certification for Alipay, so it's almost completely possible to pay USD in Hongkong.
              (Comment: Does this make sense?)
              So, I've charged my Steam Wallet. And here it goes, "Failed to initiate transaction due to internal server error."

              这个严重问题 解决下好吗? 还想把DOTA2 引进到中国吗? 坑中国人的钱财 虽然只有 $ ¥15 USD 浪费了我一个月电费
              This is a serious problem, solve it, will you? You want to import DoTA 2 to China? It's a fraud for the Chinese people.
              15USD though, I could have pay a month of electricity fee with it.

              因为中国大陆因为无法使用国外银行 充值美金,只有挂VPN代理 到香港才能使用支付宝充值 steam 的money
              在香港使用支付宝。支付了美元充值到了 steam 平台 才有美金
              为什么能充值美金进去 无法消费,是否把中国人的钱财都当粪土一样 。想拉就拉 想憋就憋。
              不单单只有我一个人 无法支付美金购买DOTA2 游戏道具。很多朋友 因为这样被DOTA2 坑了。
              最低消费还是5美金充值。5美金 一个大学生一天的生活费 。大家不要再充值DOTA2 美金什么买游戏道具了 这个是骗人的
              他们都没有客服去解决这个问题 也没有答复。 所以我们中国的钱 是什么人都可以来赚 什么人都可以来坑。
              连苍井空 那AV货都能在中国 红起来。 2012-6-11 0:17:59。 我6月10日AM 4.35分 联系客服 留言 到现在 一天时间 都没有人去处理这个问题。
              完全就像是在放屁 挥之即来 豁之即去。 劝大家 不要充值。我被坑了15美金 1个月电费没了 ¥100多元人民币

              In mainland China you cannot use foreign banks to charge US Dollars, so I need to use VPN proxies to charge Steam Wallet with Alipay. Only by using Alipay in Hongkong, you will be able to charge USD into Steam Wallet.
              (Comment: No. You don't. You really don't need that hard to charge Steam Wallet with your Alipay. I've done it a thousand times without any problem, in mainland China using Alipay, without any other VPNs or proxies.)
              Why I cannot consume the USD charged. Are you treating China money as faeces? Expel them or leave them inside as if controlled.
              It's not only me that is unable to buy stuff in DoTA 2. Many friends are defrauded by DoTA 2.
              The lowest fund is 5USD, which is the one-day cost of a university student. DON'T CHARGE USD INTO DOTA2 FOR STUFF, IT'S A FRAUD.
              Their customer service did not solve this problem, nor is there any reply.
              So the money of our Chinese is worthless, easy to cheat.
              Even that Aoi Sora, that porn stuff can be popular in China!
              2012-6-11 0:17:59。 (Comment: I don't understand why is here a time stamp. Hmm, any suggestions?)
              I contacted customer service on 4:35 am 2012-6-11
              Now it has been one day since then and no one has come to solve my problem.
              This is totally farting, call it a fart and it comes.
              I suggest everybody DO NOT CHARGE. I've been cheated 15 USD (100+RMB) and it is a month's electricity fee.

              I think it explains everything.
              The OP tried to buy a service that is region-restricted, failed, and claimed DoTA 2 store to be fraud.
              That is a matter of ignorance, nothing besides.

              PS: Meanwhile, Valve's customer service do suck. But in this case, that's not the point.
              PPS: I am Chinese myself and I'll never blame my fellows with ridiculous friendly-fire racism, but hmm... the OP IS putting himself onto that negative, twelve-year old brainwashed middle school kid's logic. And I'm beginning to be afraid, as a Chinese, am I still qualified to face my comrades after rofl-ing on this issue?
              PPPS: No. I'm just simply rofl-ing.
              Last edited by tenyuhuang; 06-19-2012, 05:52 AM.


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                Okay, thanks! That explains his situation.^^


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                  Posting and bumping in a epic and funny thread.

                  And they say the mute system is not working as intended, is banning people indiscriminately, and giving Gaben free dollars for every people muted.


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                    Originally posted by sksksama View Post
                    You had post same threads in Chinese Forum,all dirty F-words and nationalism there.But it seems you watch your language in English forum.
                    And,if you can't speak English,pls use google translation.
                    Thanks for telling us man. I think z465455458 should get his account banned. Nationalism what the hell is wrong with this guy??


                    • #25
                      Thanks Tenyuhuang - I am myself ABC (American born Chinese) but I barely speak (only to my parents) nor can I read or write.
                      Anyway I find his thread humiliating to us, Chinese.


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                        Originally posted by premium_sauce View Post
                        Thanks Tenyuhuang - I am myself ABC (American born Chinese) but I barely speak (only to my parents) nor can I read or write.
                        Anyway I find his thread humiliating to us, Chinese.
                        I suppose this may be a problem more or less related to personality rather than nationality - something that is commonly a problem in almost everywhere. There are always someone like OP who blame ignorance to other people's fault, whine and then flame. It's just that OP happens to be a Chinese, but actually you can see such person everywhere, maybe in another language, else in other forms; but as long as there is a community and it is large enough. there WILL be such person.
                        DoTA has quite a large community in China. As what I saw, most of DoTAers I know - professional or amateur - in China, are friendly. Or at least, far from hostility. They may be not familiar or satisfied with DoTA 2 or Steam, but I never see such one who keeps complaining. I can guarantee you 100% this has nothing to do with nationality - it's the classical problem of more bad guys emerging from a larger community.

                        At least when help needed, and it happens to them that they can't speak English, most Chinese DoTA players will turn to local DoTA communities instead of posting Haiku in English forums and friendly-fire their comrade with nationlism.

                        However, I have to say it is true that Steam and DoTA 2 will have a very long and difficult way into China. Even as a Chinese user who is far from typical user habit (to be clear, the applications I use or games I play may not be Western style, but is still very different from a typical Chinese user), I've been using Steam since Half-Life 2 and I kept too much complaints to myself whenever durable. Valve has shown its resolution to move their step back to China via supporting Alipay on Steam, but it's too buggy to achieve satisfying result. There are frequent problems in purchasing regional-available products and services (i.e. the products can be accessed within mainland China without regional-bypassing links, open proxies or VPNs): Steam and Alipay just won't work well together. No matter how careful you are, you may still fail to return to Steam after successfully paying through Alipay. Another tripwire is Steam itself: after being used to the fast launching speed of Warcraft III and online multiplayer platforms such as HF, VS and 11, the undurable startup speed of Steam and loading time of DoTA 2 seems to be ridiculous.

                        In tl;dr style: OP represents annoying players that is available in almost any popular game, and is definitely NOT the style of most of Chinese players; on another hand, Steam and DoTA 2 do need polishing in localization - if they DO REALLY want to make smooth moves in Chinese market.


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                          i just had a baby, total lack of sleep

                          this thread first laugh in a week