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Unusual Colors changed.

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  • Unusual Colors changed.

    Just made a custom game for me and a friend to look at each others unusuals. When we dropped the couriers, the colors of all of our unsuals(7) had changed. Made a new match and the colors are still changed. This has lowered the value of one of my couriers substantially.

  • #2
    Couriers.png dog.png

    The Orange dog is the real color, It has now changed to blue.


    • #3
      maybe it has something to do with this


      • #4
        That sounds likely, But I have had these couriers for at least a couple weeks now, So they are not newly generated. Is orange not a valid color?


        • #5
          MY UNUSUAL COURIER CHANGED ITS COLOR FROM GREEN TO ORANGE WTF all of a sudden?????? when i got it : IT WAS CLEARLY GREEN as u can see..NOW is ORANGE , code 208-119-51 = ORANGE What is happening guys? how is this possible?


          • #6
            I'm Having the exact same issue with my 2unusuals and it happened today as well! just after I hosted a training game and invited my friend so we can show our enusuals to each other

            now I'm having my two unusulas with the same (blue) color and it did lowered its value for sure
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            • #7
              old collors were bugged it seems, these are the new ones and corect ones! ok


              • #8
                My unusual went from Red (251, 171, 175) to some sort of dark purple.


                edit: quite disappointed
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                • #9
                  Honestly they should give us the old colours back. I have traded lots of courier and the price vary lots depending on the colour, now my courier looks like shit and is practically worthless.


                  • #10
                    Same here, my War Dog used to look awesome with pink ethereal flames, went very well with the look of the courier. Now the color is radio-active green, and the color is interesting, but doesn't go with the courier. Now, I understand the colors were bugged, but I traded for that courier, and now I'm left with a color I don't want.


                    • #11
                      Had pink ethereal flames. Now I have light blue.

                      : (

                      Originally posted by CvP
                      retards don't count as people.


                      • #12
                        I also had an etheral flames Yak, a green one.. now its a light blue one, i would love to have my green back or at least have the chance to pick a new color, since i bought a green one and not a light blue ^^


                        • #13
                          This is quite frustrating. I don't know why the colors that had no errors couldn't be left alone. I was perfectly happy with all my colors! I spent quite a bit getting the keys for those colors! Now it's all for nothing. I'm so ass-angry right now I could swing a cactus! >

                          //Edit: Not only is this frustrating, but it completely messed with the market prices. Many people bought a ton of keys from the shop for specific colors only to have them changed. Sure, some people gained value from this change, but how about the ones that spent a ton trying to get a specific color only to be told "LOLNO IT'S WORTHLESS" now? Maybe it's an exaggeration, but it sucks to have unusuals drop as much as 10-20 keys worth in price (around 25-50 USD) because of an error. This is unacceptable! I want my old colors back. I traded a buncha keys and a green flames badger I had for a red flames one only to find out I now have a green one again. There go 15 keys. That's $37.50 down the drain. If you're going to put up a store with keys that you buy with cash, don't play around with people's money and make sure everything is in working order!
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                          • #14
                            Hope somebody will help to fix this...I'm also kinda frustrated right now -_-
                            Last edited by Combo; 06-25-2012, 10:54 PM.


                            • #15
                              yea im very frustrated also. both my pinkies became violet & yellow.. please vote at the poll here