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Dota 2 SMD to MDL

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  • Dota 2 SMD to MDL

    Hello, so there's very little helpful information on this. Id like to be able to see my custom model in the game or at least in the Alien Swarm SDK Model Viewer.

    Problem is, after I successfully compile a .mdl with GUIstudiomdl, It will not load into the model viewer, or in game test feature.

    I followed the and also looked for about 1-2 days now trying to figure out what went wrong.

    My process,
    1. Import ursa.smd.
    1. Bind,Weight paint custom helmet Lod0 and Lod1 to head bone.
    2. Export Lod0 and Lod1 to .smd.
    3. Change .qc file to point to my .smd's.
    4. Compile with OrangeBox(TF2) a success.
    5. Load into model viewer error.

    I'm guessing I am not compiling with the textures correctly, and blender is not exporting .smd correctly somehow?

    I have seen people get items into the game for testing, should I use Maya for rigging and exporting?

    I would love a step by step that actually works here. ie, How to compile...

    The .qc file here,

    $cd "C:\Users\****\Desktop\Decompiled"
    $modelname "models/recompiled/helmet_hunter.mdl"
    $model "default" "head_hunter_lod0.smd"

    $lod 1
    replacemodel "head_hunter_lod0.smd" "head_hunter_lod1.smd"
    $cdmaterials ""
    $hboxset "default"
    $surfaceprop "default"
    $keyvalues { }
    $illumposition 19.875 -0.927 134.232
    $sequence BindPose "BindPose" fps 30.00

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also stupid question, While in SDK alien swarm model viewer, how do you load the items on to the hero...Load weapon (steam) does not actually load anything onto the model.
    Last edited by Wolph; 07-04-2012, 10:13 AM.

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    I think you have to use the CS:GO SDK to be able to load model parts. It doesn't seem to work in the Alien Swarm SDK. You might want to check Cyborgmatt's site, I remember reading something about it there.
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      Thank you, Ive already read cyborgs site, I'm going to give exporting the .smd from Maya a shot.

      Ill post more information when I figure things out.


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        This is not a customization bug, why are you posting it in the customization bugs forum?


        • #5
          It only works on the model viewer if you have the texture on the correct folder

          you have nothing on your $cdmaterials (it doesn't work on the ingame preview without it)

          should be like this: $cdmaterials "models\items\omniknight"

          Also put this (change to your texture) on the line before the $hboxset:

          // Model uses material "models/items/omniknight/knightofthelight_hammer_color.vmt"