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Current Customization Issues

This is a sticky topic.
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  • team pennants still not working and gem spectator


    • Vespertine Guard Set Skinning Bug for Abaddon:

      Timbersaw Chainsaw Particle Disappearing Bug (Haven't extensively tested it in last 3 weeks):

      Timbersaw Reactive Armor:
      Can the set reactive armor be active instead of the default one? Too many sets that look weird with default reactive armor.

      Timbersaw Custom Belts:
      Various sets have custom belts and therefore it would be cool to activate this and have them added.


      • I was trying to level up my autograph rune and I trough I needed to open sockets and needed to put the runes there and they would merge but I was wrong, looks like you need to use them with other rune but the "Use With..." button is just not available


        I also can't use the Artificer's Hammer to remove the gems



        • FIX VOIDHAMMER particle effects bug !!!!! VOIDHAMMER BUG.jpg
          It's bugged from summer. !!!!! How long we have to w8 for this? Like for terror who don't run after using metamorphosis? ... FIX VOIDHAMMER PLZ !
          Last edited by Zabol; 01-30-2016, 02:47 PM.


          • rubick golden mantle has turned black abcd.PNG



              hello sir

              i got bug when purchasing item from market

              one of my items cannot be seen in ingame inventory but can be seen from steam inventory.

              morph bug.JPG
              morph bug 2.JPG
              morph bug 3.JPG
              morph bug 4.JPG

              It can be clearly seen from images above that i have purchased "Eye of the Lost Star" and never accidentally trade it or deleted it from my inventory.


              • Greetings.
                Apparently, Riki's "Shadow Masquerade" loadout stance does not stack with the older "Smoke Bomb of Monstrous Reprisal".
                It could be seen on the screenshot.
                I would love to see the loadout stance from this lovely immortal with my favourite Riki tail.
                Last edited by knshkv; 09-07-2016, 02:28 AM.


                • I have a problem, my whale blade has 3 kinetic gems, the mark , the tide bringer, and the torrent. But it doesn't show the swirls on the weapon and the whale tail please help thank youuuuuuu


                  • FIXED

                    Supreme Belt of the Warboss uses wrong color scheme
                    This belt should be yellow, like on this picture
                    But instead it's red, like normal Belt of the Warboss (Supreme items are received by those who made WH preorder, normal items can be found in Dota chests), tho it uses yellow icon
                    Last edited by Panishev; 02-18-2017, 10:19 AM.


                    • Hi. This bug have been out there a while. I see many post about this bug on this forum and reddit but it not fixed yet.
                      The Fireborn Assault Kinetic gem Blade Dance Effect ( Crit Effect ) not work on other sword ( i tested it on Dragon Sword and Serrakura. My friend say that his Fireborn Odachi also not work but i dont know he trolling or not. Cant confirm )

                      Some pics

                      Fireborn Assault + Serrakura: The Blade Dance Effect ( Crit Effect ) not work

                      After that i attach the Bladekeeper's Blade Dance Gem in. And it only show a tiny trail

                      Fireborn Assault + Bladekeeper's Blade Dance + Serrakura

                      Please fix this problem this alr exist for a long time.
                      Thank you.


                      • Juggernaut Arcana Style Unlock Bug

                        Just unlocked the Origins style unlock for Juggernaut, reverted back to the first style to make a comparison and now it is permanently stuck on the Blue Juggernaut style. There is a Select button for the Origins style but upon clicking it does nothing.

                        1) Unlocked Second style for Juggernaut Arcana ( Have 20 Kills from Omni Slash )
                        2) Equipped second style
                        3) Reverted back to first style
                        4) Trying to equip second style

                        Style is stuck on the first style, selecting second style does nothing

                        Style 2 should equip


                        • My rubiks Golden Orithomancer Mantle Effect is bug and its colors are very far ping.png


                          • NO ACTIVE ADMIN LOL


                            • WbO1cpI.png
                              Pls do something with this!