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Cosmetic items are invisible, strange items won't count on.

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  • Cosmetic items are invisible, strange items won't count on.

    When you are in a match for quite some time, all custom items are hidden and from that point on, strange modifiers won't keep counting their stats. There have been threads about certain heroes, but (at least for me) it effects each and every cosmetic item, and its wearer.

  • #2
    Have the same problem. Havent had that before the last patch.


    • #3
      I just played a game where my entire sir Davion set was missing. I was this ugly black and silver textureless thing.

      The next game my friend on invoker, same thing. He was running around naked.
      Originally posted by Shibubu
      Sure, it looks a bit silly, but this helmet makes more sense than ~50% of Furions cosmetics that are already in the game. And its not like he's wielding a wooden penis (one can easily make a penis shaped staff out of wooden branch and there are no arguments why it could not be done). The Acorn helmet is actually VERY fitting since it's natural shape is used. Also it is used for it's quality to withstand blows.
      Wow, amazing insight.


      • #4
        Yeah faceless void has no head and after like 30 mins of playing with the timebreaker cosmetic it turns invisible but you can still see its outer glow.


        • #5
          Can confirm that my Tidehunter strange was picking and choosing what it wanted to track (usually nothing at all). Also got occasional missing item (visually) glitches as well, but these could happen very early in the game, too.


          • #6
            Same for me. I played invoker using the new set, but after i died, my whole outfit was gone =.= invoker looked so retarded with bald head and shit.
            there was a game where my ally was furion and he was running around NAKED, it wasnt a good sight to see lol...
            this needs to be fixed asap because it defeats the purpose of cosmetic items ...

            anyway, realised theres alot of issues with dota 2 after the update..
            servers was down for long time and now cosmetic problems...


            • #7
              Happed me with axe and sven.No items no head


              • #8
                So this is why I saw a Juggernaut with no head and no upper body items, but having pants.

                I guess it is then the same bug people report as "naked heroes". Now at least we know it is about the cosmetic items.
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                • #9
                  Same here, since the last patch EVERY game I played had hero aesthetic issues.

                  Naked Ursa, Jugger without hands and half of items missing, Lich, Void without head, naked DK, Invoker being bald and missing parts of the skin, similar.

                  This is not something that affects only me in games, every time this happens everyone in the games sees it - EVERYONE.
                  None of this is real.


                  • #10
                    Seems to be if you die around the 23 minute mark you come back with no items.


                    • #11
                      Seems to be if you die around the 23 minute mark you come back with no items.
                      Would be interesting to test if it really is connected to dying. Sadly none of teh heroes I usually play have cosmetics ready yet so I can't. Tho... I wonder if it does trigger in private lobbies?
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                      • #12
                        just had a game w gondar w 20 kills but my strange item disappeared and recorded only 8 kills


                        • #13
                          People who experience this: Please watch your replays, and try to spot when do the cosmetic items disappear, and post here the details. What time, what heppened when they disappeared etc.

                          Maybe we can find a pattern.
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                          • #14
                            I have no idea why this thread was closed, but since this is the largest thread on the issue that is also the most up to date, I'll reopen it.
                            If the mod that closed this thread - presuming it wasn't me that accidentally closed it in a closing spree - had a reason to do, please do let me know why it was closed, so that I won't re-re-open it again when it is closed again in the future.
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                            Before making a new thread, be sure to have used search, as well as checking the stickies of the appropriate section.

                            Lore moderator.


                            • #15
                              I can say there are two "triggers" for the bug.

                              1) Gondar goin invis
                              2) Hero died

                              I encountered both cases in ~10games and it was always the same scheme. Sometimes the items will come back when your hero dies again. In case of gondar, his items will disappear almost everytime when he goes invis.