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Legacy Ethereal Flame Wardog

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  • Legacy Ethereal Flame Wardog

    Hey, I recently just traded A LOT of items for this Legacy Ethereal Flame Wardog. When I finally got to see it in game, the effects were a little disappointing.

    I put it beside an Ethereal Yak, as you can see the effects on the Dog are far inferior. The effects on the dog almost look like resonant energy.

    If this can get fixed up much appreciated.

  • #2
    thats why they remover all those legacy colour cause many of them can be barely seen in the game

    make sure u see it in game before u buy


    • #3
      ...where is the bug?


      • #4
        Will be nice if they bring back the old color pallet for the unusuals...the one used right now is very "simplistic" and limited, if I'm not mistaken there's only (12?) colors


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          Originally posted by weifeng5655 View Post
          thats why they remover all those legacy colour cause many of them can be barely seen in the game

          make sure u see it in game before u buy
          It's not the color I've an issue with. It feels that the flames are quite small compared to other Eth wardogs.

          Here is a picture I googled. You can see on regular Eth dogs that there seems to be more flames around their feet. Also there should be a glow around their bodies with the color. You can see that my dog does not have that.

          Originally posted by Eric37073 View Post
          ...where is the bug?
          My Legacy eth dog does not have the effects that represents an eth dog. Check out the new SS, that is how they're suppose to look.


          • #6
            It is because your color isn't "strong".
            Your color isn't bright it is somewhat pale.

            And the background you took the picture is not dark as in the other picture.

            Working as intended.

            (compared those two pictures:
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            • #7
              I think this should end right here. This is working as intended. You should have seen it beforehand as you're paying alot for it and if you didn't you cant blame anyone. That's how the couriers are. That can be called as a glitched colour because it isnt suppose to exist at all as it was all due to a bug where we could produce random codes/any colour. That dog right there produced that code and that code on Ethereal Flames just shows that much because your colour is too bright/shady which causes it to somewhat look different from others. To fix this, Valve provided every owner of Unusual Couriers with Unusual Paints which guarantees no such "effect looks like shit" complains will exist as with those fixed colors, every courier will look the same but with different colour. Your code is just too bright. You can paint it blue if you'd like it to look like the picture GermanViet provided. There is no fix for this by Valve unless you paint it blue yourself.


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                Alright. I don't think my point is getting across. I'm just gonna try this one more time, and if no one agrees, I'll completely drop this.

                My problem is not with the color being faint. It is with the flames itself.
                Derby, I've seen your Pink Eth Dog. And I pulled a screenshot from your account. (I can remove it if you want me to)

                Compare that to my dog.

                You can see that with the walking courier, Derby's pink dog has this flame around it's backside/tail. On my dog, no such flames exist.
                Same with the flying, there are flames around his wings, but not on my dog.

                Now, you can argue that the colors are really faint. But from what I can see no such particle effects exist in the locations I specified.
                Last edited by Akagli; 08-26-2012, 01:58 AM.


                • #9
                  that dog is my old violet one not pink. and your screenshot quality is awful you shouldnt compare like that. not to mention one is at night time, one is at morning. if you want to, just add me and we can compare ingame


                  • #10
                    Alright man. Will do. Also I'm sorry man, kinda too lazy to look through all 250 screenshots that one seemed really close.

                    Also out of country for the next 2-3weeks. Will add you up after that.

                    Thank you very much.