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Incorrect description on Immortal International Courier

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  • Incorrect description on Immortal International Courier

    I recently received the Tournament Lockjaw the Boxhound courier through spectating a live match between CLG and DK. But the description provided on the courier is a complete mess, in-game time, event and the Match ID is wrong!

    Have someone else encountered this issue?
    Last edited by Porre; 08-28-2012, 03:13 AM.

  • #2
    My lockjaw is also bugged , everything is correct except match id

    My tournament courier is also bugged i have a lockjaw courier which was from Season 10 Game A between zenith and evil genius's and the replay doesn't work on the item because the Match ID is wrong. The id on the courier is 35891620 when the real MATCH ID is : 35891619


    • #3
      Yeah, there is only 1 number difference in the match ID, my courier is showing 36105208 while in fact the real match ID is 36105209!

      In addtion, whenever I click "Watch the Replay" on the courier and is sent to the incorrect replay, I cannot close the window of the replay! It closes and then pops up again whenever I click the "X" buttom or somwhere else except the "Exit Game" buttom! So I will need to close the game to get rid of the replay window.

      Edit: I check through the replay and I did not get the courier because of a double kill, it was a multi-kill. Also, on the courier, it is shown that the event 27:21, but it is actually 37:17. The time of the day I got the courier however seems to be correct if it is PDT.
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      • #4
        Same thing is with the Tournament Courier that I traded..... The Replay Function shows some pub game( id #36058456) instead of a Col vs. mTw Tournament game


        • #5
          Same problem for mine. It should be match ID 35895873 but shows 35895872 in the description and when i try to watch the replay it takes me to the wrong match id with a message that access is denied.


          • #6
            My Murrissey has the standard wrong Match ID bug, but also quite the interesting description.

            Dota 2
            Unusual Immortal International Courier
            Match ID: 37584552
            The International 2012
            ''LGD.Taobao.Sylar [LGD] unexpectedly snatched the Aegis of the Immortal, denying LGD-GAMING its use in WB Match G 2/3 of The International at 30:41 on Sun Sep 02 14:13:48 2012.''
            LGD apparently denied themselves the Aegis, rather than snatching it from Na'Vi? The ID should be 37584550.


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              • #9
                Yep same here. My courier doesnt link me to the match replay, and gives me an error when I click "Watch the Replay".


                • #10
                  Well, now Im an owner of two "broken" Tournament couriers ^^

                  The the description of the "IG-defeated-MTW" Smeevil, which I traded recently is correct, but if you press the "watch the replay" button, a warning window shows up, saying "Access to Match ID 36274156 denied."


                  • #11
                    More than a month has passed since this issue was reported, with no response or feedback whatsoever from developers.


                    • #12
                      Sure, but you have to remember just how low priority this kind of thing is. The amount of people affected by this is tiny compared to the number of people playing the game. And it's a totally non-critical bug.


                      • #13
                        Found the problem for the match ids. Working on a fix.
                        Last edited by BrandonReinhart; 10-15-2012, 04:48 PM.


                        • #14
                          A fix for this will roll out with this week's update.


                          • #15
                            Match IDs should now be correct. Let me know if they are not.

                            Then, list other problems that appear with these items. It helps if you can give me a link to your steam community page so I can examine the specific item in question.