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  • Suggestion

    The idea for the low priority pool is a good penalty for leavers,but the bigger problem is for the players who stay in the game,beacuse they will get the lose it doesn't matter if they stay to the end of the game or leave when it's safe to leave.
    I suggest you to make that computer players take control of the players that leave the game,but the computer player will not be able to attack the enemy,roshan,towers,barracks,ancient(he will be only used for defense,but the AI will still be able to kill enemy heroes that are in the territory of the Radiant or the Dire),he will be only able to go to the mid of map (I don't mean that he goes only on mid,he must be able to go on all sides but only to the mid of the map,because if the computer would be able to attack the enemy it would be too easy for the players with computer players),and the difficulty of the computer will depend on the number of lost towers in the team in which the computer player is.But if the player that left reconnects then he will regain control again of his hero.The difficulty of the computer player can raise if his team losses more towers.But if all players from on eteam leave the other team will still win immediately in that case.

    My idea for the difficulty of the computer player is:
    If there are 0-2 towers destroyed the difficuty would be:Easy
    If there are 2-4 towers destroyed the difficuty would be:Normal
    If there are 4-8 towers destroyed the difficuty would be:Hard
    If there are more than 8 towers destroyed the difficuty would be:Unfair.

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      Bots taking over for players have been suggested a bunch of times before, and has been on Valve's agenda at some point as well - or at least mentioned during an interview.
      Your suggestion is also in the wrong section entirely. This is the Customization Bugs section. In the future, please use search, and please use better fitting titles for your threads. 'Suggestion' is not really a very descriptive title.
      Closing this for the aforementioned reasons.
      To keep these forums clean and friendly, please read and follow the forum rules.
      Before making a new thread, be sure to have used search, as well as checking the stickies of the appropriate section.

      Lore moderator.