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How this could Happend???

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  • How this could Happend???

    700 matches played, seen only 3 mythical drops...then random guy got the same mythical drop that i did just trade moments ago???

    I ain't jelly but, i wanna that some kind game master remove his new item and give other of lowest rarity...this obviously was a bug
    Level up.
    Haters gonna hate.
    Random luck.
    Moving this and closing. (Moderator option)
    Need moar ponnys.

  • #2
    vanguard? why
    Originally posted by MukenTuken
    got muted on main
    made new account
    played with 9 other smurfs who wanted to stomp some noobs, just like i wanted

    So now you cant even stomp some poor newcommers when you are bored

    ded game


    • #3
      So how exactly do you figure that it's more likely that:
      A) The game got some sort of 'bug' that awarded this guy the same item you just traded for..among a large group of other items.

      as opposed to:
      B) Coincidence



      • #4
        I don't know if you are actually serious but... this happens, I've got squiddles drop twice, got plenty mythical, commons*9999999, some uncommon and like 3 rares, it's just random.


        • #5
          He wants an item to be removed from another guy that just was lucky... BUT HE AIN'T JELLY! NO!


          • #6
            Okaaay, that sure is a serious bug, sir. A Valve staff will soon be contacting you and perma-banning the luck-er i mean cheater guy.
            Please remain sat while we solve your huuuge bug.
            Please sit, you may get tired.
            I mean it.
            Lay down if you can.
            It will really take some time.
            Sleep a bit even.
            I'll get back to you on this matter, someday.


            • #7
              suck it up.


              • #8
                The poll has spoken.
                Always read and follow the forum rules. If you need help from a moderator, use the report button ()
                Before posting new bugs:
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                -Read the Bug Posting Guidelines on how to report a bug properly.