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I didn't get my item after the winning game!

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  • marek
    Originally posted by BrandonReinhart View Post
    When the GC goes down games that finish during the service outage don't receive rewards. Those items can't be restored as they were never actually 'granted' by the system. We had to take the service down to push an update and restore broken eggs.
    this is very unfair by you valve. and explain how it was not "granted" ? after the game finishes, we all saw what hero which item received. explain how this is not "granted" ?

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  • Nagaflames
    Match ID:56336355
    Issue:I didnt get the rosh reward which was an unusual essence which is worth a lot and hope that i can get it back.

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  • slumberlust
    56683695 Match ID

    We did not receive the second item after killing rosh.

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  • dasmig
    Hello, my name is Diego

    I got a similar problem at the event first day, I do believe that there was a fail in steam servers, since my match doesn't even appear in my Match History. I'll try to give the most details as it's possible.

    The match was around 17:30 in london time, the iten I earned was Ice Tiny, my nick is Dasmig. The match next to that, which i played at 18:30 in london time is 56056087. Server: South America.

    Thx for reading, hope something can be done about it.

    Att Dasmig

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  • BrandonReinhart
    When the GC goes down games that finish during the service outage don't receive rewards. Those items can't be restored as they were never actually 'granted' by the system. We had to take the service down to push an update and restore broken eggs.

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  • TobyQ
    the same happened to me with a shadow essence. Since you cannot see the items you acquired in the replay I have to state several IDs in which this might have happened:

    55915343 - Pettersson - Queen of Pain
    56059093 - Pettersson - Drow

    A friend of Mine experienced the same issue in his game (as well with a shadow essence), so I can confirm that this appears to be connected with steam shutting down. In this case this happened directly after the version was out of date:
    561142849 - SayCorePlz - Bone Oct 31st 22:39:43 MET+1

    Who does and what is being done with this information. I can most certainly understand that individual applications equal a lot of work. Is someone actually taking care of this issue?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Nipaah
    Also got no items from a game we won, got nothing from neither first phase or the rosh part

    Match ID: 56672420
    Steam ID:
    Played Jakrio that match.

    After game it said I was still in game and both reconnect and leave game did not work, so I restarted dota 2 and ended up getting no rewards at all.

    EDIT: OMG just as poster above me said, lost all essences in my eggs, I had a Seraphic egg with 3 unusual essences used on it and a Wicked Egg with nothing else on it. T_T

    EDIT2: After update my eggs are fine again (whew). But still no items from the last match
    Last edited by Nipaah; 11-01-2012, 05:12 PM.

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  • mikkomikk
    Match ID: 56673725
    IGN: The Last of Us
    Hero: Phantom Lancer

    Screenshots: 2012-11-01_00001.jpg2012-11-01_00002.jpg

    EDIT: Also lost all the essences in my egg

    EDIT 2: Is it possible to get the essences back? I've been farmin for it non-stop.
    Also, the item i was supposed to get was a rare DK shoulder, is it possible to get that too?
    Last edited by mikkomikk; 11-01-2012, 05:03 PM.

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  • Gater
    Match ID: 56673520

    Didn't get an item when Roshan was killed. When the Roshan kill instance began it also didn't show the item you were going to get.

    Also: All essences in my egg are gone.

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  • arithmatics
    I also lost items, server went down for me right after my match and I think roll back happened. I had 3 blue essence and one red in my egg, after server came back the egg's essences were all gone.
    Egg originally contain 3 blue and 1 red essence

    MATCH ID: 56671550
    reward is suppose to be a red essence

    That's the game I last played, the game didn't end after roshan died, server went dead as the final score was coming up.
    Steam profile:

    EDIT: a patch just came out 1 min ago, my egg is back to normal, but reward from match 56671550 is still not received.
    Last edited by arithmatics; 11-01-2012, 05:08 PM.

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  • kimoy8520
    Match ID: 56594236
    Steam ID: kimoy8520
    Game ID: Snorkling Panda
    Hero: Mirana
    Issue: I didn't get the 2nd reward which is Winged Paladin's Defiance(Rare) worn by Omniknight. So sad it was a rare. Please do a fix.

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  • maxmjr
    sorry, ill try to give much more information. , nickname Beat it, was playing for Nature's Prophet
    time was 08:00-08:20 pm 31.10.12 (UTC +2 ukraine i think its equal forume time)
    item Fearless Badger mystical courier

    can't find match id, i think its got bugged ... (dota was lag and i close it ctrl+alt+delete)

    p.s. sorry for my bad english (again)
    Last edited by maxmjr; 11-02-2012, 06:45 AM.

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  • Nagaflames
    I also have the same problem with an unusual essence,would post match id and more specific information tomorrow.

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  • Hefaistus
    I merged the two threads that were about the same issue. Also, please post details such as match ID and a link to your Steam account. There are hundreds, if not thousands of matches going on at any given time, so saying "My match was around 20:20" is not particularly helpful, especially not when you don't even include a timezone.

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  • Berra_la
    Trick or treat?

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