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I didn't get my item after the winning game!

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  • #31
    Didn't get my item (unusual essence) after game due to server crash

    In my match as huskar (Match ID was 57420663) It had shown I received a unusual essence but the servers crashed or something just as the game ended and I never go my item

    Is their anything I can do or you can do to help me?


    • #32
      Awarded Tickled Tegu after Diretide and didn't receive it?

      Hi my steam name is Boxwood. I played a match of Diretired (match id: 57648329) and at the end I was awarded a Tickled Tengu courier. But I have now checked my bags and I didn't receive it?

      Is there a bug other people are experiencing where they aren't receiving items sometimes? Is there any way this can be resolved or checked so I at least know I'm not crazy?

      Thank you so much for your time I sincerely appreciate it.

      Edit: It is possible that I'm an idiot and someone else was awarded it. But I'm thoroughly convinced I was the one who received it. But because I have no way of checking it's causing me to second guess myself. But still very sure I was awarded it!

      Edit2: So I do see now that a lot of people are having this issue. I would just like to note though, that in my case specifically, there was no server or client side connection issues that I saw. It happened despite my consistent connection with the valve servers.
      Last edited by boxwood; 11-03-2012, 04:38 PM.


      • #33
        Match ID: 57648329
        Steam ID: boxwoodjones
        Game ID: boxwood
        Hero: bane
        Issue: I never received my Tickled Tegu.


        • #34
          So let me get this right. You guys don't announce a fucking downtime and when we demand our items back you're all like "nope those were never granted sorry".

          That seems to me like a big "fuck you" to whoever played a game at that time.

          Well played.


          • #35
            Match ID :57422217
            Steam ID: garry209
            Game ID: Crow
            Hero : Riki
            Issue : Didn't get my Mystical Trusty Mountain Yak since dota bugged out,or was it baby roshan?I can't look it up on the replay since it just shows the names with empty item cells at the end.


            • #36
              Match ID: 57820551
              Steam ID: BerserkBonsai
              Game ID: Bonsai_AU
              Hero: EarthShaker

              Match ID: 57767069
              Steam ID: BerserkBonsai
              Game ID: Bonsai_AU
              Hero: SandKing

              Match ID: 57688394
              Steam ID: BerserkBonsai
              Game ID: Bonsai_AU
              Hero: Silencer

              Issue: Okay so I have played about 3 games tonight and when the game starts and its meant to show the items I'm going to win, it didn't for winning the candy CTF or roshan boss fight. Not sure what the issue is.

              *Edit: TimeZone +10 GMT


              • #37
                Originally posted by Bonsai15 View Post

                Issue: Okay so I have played about 3 games tonight and when the game starts and its meant to show the items I'm going to win, it didn't for winning the candy CTF or roshan boss fight. Not sure what the issue is.

                *Edit: TimeZone +10 GMT
                They patched and changed that on purpose like 2 days ago, we can no longer see at start what we can win so that people don't get as upset about losing.


                • #38
                  Well I still am not getting items after the games so its a bit annoying!


                  • #39
                    It's due to drop server crash I think.
                    I was about to recieve a yak / baby roshan and I know it was me for certain,since your own name is always at the top.


                    • #40
                      MATCH ID :: 57984261
                      GAME ID :: prepairing
                      HERO :: Beastmaster

                      ITEM drop BUT not get in inventory :: Shoulder of the noble (Rare Lycantrope)


                      • #41
                        happened to my friend

                        Match Id: 58008723

                        User: *_*

                        Hero: Batrider


                        • #42
                          Happened to me now three times.

                          Screen Name: ビクトル
                          Match ID: 57420153
                          Type: Diretide
                          Hero: Jakiro

                          It was a rare hammer for Omniknight.
                          Also I just played a game where I obtained items and not even the game is showing in my 'game history'. Needless to say the items i got are not in my backpack.

                          Is anyone getting this items restored ?


                          • #43
                            Happend to me just now, playing with drow ranger, win the rare hammer of omniknight the calling, and when the matches was over, i didnt get any battle points or itens, there's no way to get those itens back? this is the third time already.

                            My god.


                            • #44
                              Lost 2 rare itens and a unusual essence, the most wierd thing is that only happens when is rare itens '-'
                              sad story.


                              • #45
                                After my team and i won the game, it show me that i won Mythical for Tide Hunter, don't remember the name..
                                I have played with 4 of my friends - "ostrik - ES","durrrr - Magnus","itaieh - Rhasta","Sexyboyou - Magina" and me - "g6pd" - Centaur.
                                the game started at 4.11.12 sunday about 18:30 GMT+2, and ended about 18:55 GMT+2
                                all my friends and I haven't got the items and xp (Sexyboyou got rare for void if you can resotre it also it will be great and all the other uncommon and common items so it's not so important for them).
                                the game isn't shown in the "Game History" therefore I can't give you the exact details of the game + the replay..
                                I hope you have the logs saved and you will restore it
                                Thank you very much !