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I didn't get my item after the winning game!

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  • Match ID: 59453997
    Hero: Sniper
    Steamd ID: STEAM_0:0:31578202

    I didnt get my Trusty Mountain Yak anyway you can restore it?
    Last edited by rotonic; 11-07-2012, 04:31 PM.


    • The game I won flat-out wasn't recorded after ending, I got the prize for winning the first round announced(not received) and the second round had blank rewards as per the bug


      • *I posted this is another thread, but thought I would post here just to be on the safe side.
        Played a game and got a mythical Brewmaster item for being the winning team with the most candy, then when we killed Roshan nothing showed up as being won on the list of players.

        When I exited that game, no new items are showing up in my backpack. I've restarted steam multiple times and nothing has arrived yet. Hope I can get it fixed!

        Match ID: 59454985
        Player: antavila
        Hero: Centaur Warrunner
        Problem: No items recieved at end of game.


        • Hello!

          I have a problem.

          Yesterday I played bloodseeker in 5 games in a row.
          But in my profile is displayed up to now only 4 games.
          There does not display the first game I played bloodseeker (it was just after I played earthshaker).
          In this game, my team won the first round (candy match) and I won ''ruling sword'' for Sven (it was listed there as a prize).

          And I won something after killing Roshan.
          But the prize for that round just does not displayed for me and other players. (it was just empty windows where should be prizes).

          My winnings still have not been added to my inventory.
          This happens not the first time for me when I didn't get my loot.

          Please tell, how can I get my winnings?

          (Sorry for my bad english)

          Match ID: idk this match has not been added to my profile. it was between matches 59318037 and 59410339
          Hero: Bloodseeker
          Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53925481
          Date: Wednesday Nov 07
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          • The game promised me an enduring war dog courrier but never delivered :-/
            Match ID: 59453433
            IGID: widlik
            Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:17467184
            Profile link:


            • I think this will be another "prayes fall on deaf ears" thing. i lost a courier, mythical jugger sword and shadow essence due to the game showing i got it but not getting it in the inventory after the game. or the game crashes or some shit. happened a few times, i doubt anyone will give us our items back.


              • Match ID:59311035
                Hero: Dazzle
                Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:33835726
                Date: Wednesday Nov 07 2012.
                Profile link:

                Ok here's the deal, we won the first round of diretide mode the candy rush, and I got the enduring war dog courier as prize(normal one not unusual) :"Sweet!", I thought... then after we joined forces to defeat Roshan, I got +0 exp and I couldn't see my prize for defeating Roshan, after that me and I guess a lot of steam users got kicked out of the game, the steam servers went offline. When I tried to enter Dota 2 it just said connecting to dota 2 serves something, the usual stuff. So yeah after 15 minutes I finally launch Dota 2 just to see I have no Enduring War Dog courier in my stash... I shed a single manly tear and swore to myself that I will get this doggie back. So yeah here I am writing this post, I lost more items during the past few days but I don't care, I just want this one back.


                • are we getting our items back?


                  • I'm bummed I missed out on Grand Blade of the Demigod... it's probably the first item I was actually somewhat excited about receiving... lol. It happened a while ago and I don't remember which match it happened in. Oh well.
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                    • Match ID: 59396111
                      Steam ID: Fervino
                      Champion: Chaos Knight

                      Problem: My items that I won didn't appear in my inventory.
                      Last edited by Etilom; 11-08-2012, 10:55 AM.


                      • Match ID: 58623862
                        Steam ID: breichart
                        Champion: all of the players didn't get their items. There were 4 rares given out, and no one got any of them.


                        • Game ID: 56682443
                          Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:14454449
                          Game ID: Diseased Flame

                          Date: Friday 02 November
                          Time: 01:22:16

                          Hero: Storm Spirit
                          Item: Tickled Tegu

                          I was very happy when I saw that I won the courier after defeating Roshan, but after the match when I wanted to equip it, I froze. The courier never appeared in my inventory and I could almost cry.


                          • MATCH ID: 59417917
                            HERO PLAYED: WITCH DOCTOR
                            STEAM ID:

                            I didn't get my omniknight rare hammer. We won the game but nothing appeared in my inventory.


                            • I have the simular problem - I have won rare - Spinal Slicer - Mainhand, and didnt get it after game. Through I have this game in my history

                              Match ID: 58938217

                              Steam ID: Nurglet

                              Game ID: Angron

                              Hero played : Rubick
                              Last edited by Angron; 11-08-2012, 10:35 PM.


                              • Whole team (or at least me and my friend) gained no items for win
                                Match id 58680624
                                Although sent it to steam support. But still no answer (That ticket is open for more then 3 days probably)