BUG: When I right clicked a greevil and selected preview then tried with a different one the game freezes. To get out of it I need to ctrl alt delete. When I look at the processes tab in the windows task manager, the Memory goes up, and up... and up. It doesn't stop trying to do what ever it's doing and will cause a huge cpu crashing lag. It so bad that it's really hard to click end process.

REPLICATE: I've done this by launching dota 2, viewing any greevil courier, attempting to view another one. I have 10 greevils of all different types and have not once been able to preview more than 3 in one game session.

I'm assuming that the game is trying to load something and not realising it is loading it, so it's loading it again and again and again ad infinitum until my computer will either explode, implode or disappear from existence entirely. It's been quite some time since the greevils came out and the game breaking glitches haven't been addressed yet. I'd have thought these be top priority.

Anyways, ask me questions if I didn't explain anything correctly.

Thanks dota 2 devs, you're awesome.