In DotA2, there is some problems with Meepo.
Firstly is about the spell Poof.In DotA, there is no vision effect while channeling, and the spell can be stopped by pressing 's'.

My friend is a pro meepo player in DotA. He complains about Meepo in DotA2.In DotA, when he stays line, he can pretend to cast Poof, or just press 'h' which has the same vision effect: meepo stands there and do not attack anything. With this, meepo player can use this spell to trick opponents.

for example, you first press 'h' near the creeps, your rival may think you are casting Poof, but nothing happens. Next time you stand near the creeps and see your rival comes near, you can cast Poof, but your rival can not realize that, and will be hit.

Another is about the Earthbind. In DotA, it casts instantly, although the net flies some seconds.In DotA2, casting it takes a long time, the netflies will also take a long time.It's not fair.

So I strongly recommend to fix these two thing in DotA2!