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Anti-Mage Belt of Yoskreth bug

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  • Anti-Mage Belt of Yoskreth bug

    In-game, the belt's purple cloth on the back gets MUCH bigger whenever he moves, but returns to normal when standing still. Looks incredibly silly. Im not sure if this is happening to other heroes with their items, but this is extremely apparent.

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    Belt of Yoskreth size bug.

    Apparently since last patch when you order antimage to move while equipped with the Belt of Yoskreth item, the cloth on the back of the item gets noticeably bigger to the point where it looks like he is wearing some sort of cape that drags behind him like rubick's cape.
    When you stop moving the cloth goes back to normal size but then pops up to giant size again when you start moving.

    If this has been posted already please feel free to close this thread.


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      +1 2013-04-30_00002.jpg


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          For some reasons, I saw mine normal when I equip the whole set or the set blades from the Anuxi's chest.


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            Gifts Of Yoskreth Bug

            I recently acquired the Gifts of Yoskreth set and the Belt of Yoskreth seems to be bugged.
            Whenever I try to move, it suddenly expand and shrinks back again when I stay in one position.
            This has been bugging me the whole game I tried to play AM, it looked like he had a cape on his belt.
            Anyways, here are the screenshots (excuse the ultra omega poor screenshots, I play on a Potato 3000.)

            Attached Files
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              so how to make it bugged


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                Still bugged! Please fix



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                  bump. still bugged!
                  Originally posted by Kryil-
                  Shut up Shmendrich. Seriously...


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                    Originally posted by tung_doviet View Post
                    For some reasons, I saw mine normal when I equip the whole set or the set blades from the Anuxi's chest.
                    Same here. I only have the Yoskreth Belt and both blades from Anuxi. The cloth is fine for me.

                    Interesting interaction, if you ask me.
                    Remember, remember the 1st of November


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                      Still not fixed.
                      Please fix it. It's so annoying.


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                        I only got the set cuz of that bug looks amazing imo, they should leave it like that


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                          Lol i got this set because of the amazing belt that looks like a cape!Dont fix this its amazing!


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                            Fix it please.


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                              I say remove the bug and make it look like a long skirt always.