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Lycan's New Set (May 25th 2013) Disconnects Entire Server

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  • Lycan's New Set (May 25th 2013) Disconnects Entire Server

    i wasn't entirely sure which forum to put this in but anyway.

    lycanthropes new cosmetic set (the great grey? i think) seems to be causing a bug. the summoned wolves just show the normal wolf but more importantly whenever the ultimate is used the server disconnects.

    i have tested it on 3 separate occasions each with the same result.

  • #2
    Lycan New Set BUG

    Hi Guys,

    ive buy and used lycan new set and each time i used his ulti..
    it disconnected and cant locate server.. 2x experience already
    also lion fast cd for his 3rd skill.. tnx



    • #3
      Yeah please fix this bug asap. Ulti problem and summoned wolves isn't changing their looks.


      • #4
        meanwhile I pick Lycan and say feed me kills or I crash the server. Works every time.


        • #5
          Seems useful. Hahahaha.


          • #6
            Lycan's New Set (May 25th 2013) Disconnects Entire Server

            When you use Lycanthrope's ult with his new set (or maybe at all), the entire server disconnects.
            Not just you, not just you and someone else.
            Your entire team and the other team.

            I spent about an hour and a half with a team before we came to the conclusion that it was me, and it was always when I used my ult. Before a team fight and in the jungle when I had low HP and was going to get a boost then run away (I also wanted to see the new form). I then played another game to test it. Had my fun, hit level six, then used my ultimate for no other reason than to test it (I was clear about it in chat). Same thing happened.



            • #7
              Its so Legendary the servers cant even support it


              • #8
                Heya dudes... this just happened to me playing with my wife :/

                He already got the 3 first kills in the game, when i used my ult, we got disconnect...

                I though it was internet issues, so i checked my connection, started another match, after 10 minutes, same thing happened :-(

                I started a match against bots to test the ult again, and when i used my ult, DAMN same thing happened =-(

                And it was not that cheap ;/


                • #9
                  True i tested it... same thing happens.

                  major bug. disconnects the whole server.

                  even when playing bot mode.


                  • #10
                    New Lycan (Lagendary) set Major Bug

                    I tried playing few games with lycan after i got the new set this morning.

                    I have 5 friends in party.

                    As I start using my ulti all disconnects. (the whole server)
                    (and the game is not recorded)

                    3 games in total are not recorded when i play Lycan.

                    Then i try playing a bot game. Coz i really want to see the new looks of Lycans ulti.

                    And BOOM~! same thing happened.

                    Found 2 Bugs on this new set.

                    1. Lycan's ultimate Disconnetcs the whole server. (and doesnt reveal the true form)
                    2. Lycan's summoned wolves appear as the original wolves. (not the upgraded cosmetic wolves)

                    Hope to see u guys solved this bug soon.


                    • #11
                      Lycan Set crashes game

                      Using Shapeshift with the new Legendary item crashes the game.
                      Thank you Valve for your consistency and perseverance in not testing your stuff before selling it.


                      • #12
                        New lycan set causes crashes and wrong information on Mask of madness and drums.

                        As the thread name says the new lycan set's ulti makes the game crash and the summons on him doesnt work. And the information text on how much damage u take from useing Mask of madness and how much attack speed u get same with drums.


                        • #13
                          yes, everytime you shapeshift the whole server gets disconnected and your summoned wolves don't even change


                          • #14