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The new system of penalties

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  • The new system of penalties

    I warn you in advance that do not speak English))

    I was very upset new punishment system in Dota 2, because the players are not all good guys and send complaints, even those who are very good at playing or not good enough, not because of the fact that I have something breaking, but just out of spite or clean. On the day I read this article here, here is an excerpt.
    "I would like to elaborate on the system of voice and text chat. Another thing that, in my opinion, needs considerable work. But let's dig a little deeper and try to imagine what could be motivated developers to create this system:

    At the time, I happened to be in the U.S. and get to know the culture of this country. My stay there lasted 4 months, but it was enough to understand the mentality of people and their behavior when communicating with each other. For example, complete strangers can say hello to you on the street, in a shop or other public place. For any little thing, even the smallest, the person in front of you to apologize, the word "sorry" in this country can be heard more often than the word "hello." People communicate with each other as politely, without going to the mat or elevated tone. Of course, there are individual "instances", but these people an absolute minority. The people there are the most responsible approach to any business, not abusing the trust of colleagues or superiors. Similarly, raising children and adolescents in American families.

    From this we can assume that Valve would make the system, hoping that few people will abuse it (hence the reduction in the number of complaints sent to two per week), relying on the people responsible. However, in my opinion, they do not take into account the contingent and the education of people from other countries. Often, walking down the street, I notice how the guys who are still learning to 1-5 grade, cover each other as obscene words that even I at 22, have not heard. Similar problems arise in the Dota 2 servers in many countries simply do not have such respect for one's neighbor and the stranger, as for example in the United States. Many players are not forgiving to other players and send the complaint unjustified, or simply trying to "play a dirty trick," the neighbor, is spat on the consequences for this player (I do not know him. What do I get for this?). Players often used to blame for the defeat of the other players, rather than himself. Not everyone can lose with dignity and forgive the inexperience of the other. Hence the huge number of complaints about the ban chat system, because most of the complaints were indeed sent undeserved. For comparison, try to play a few games on U.S. servers, and you will feel the difference in the behavior and culture of the players. In my view, if all would be a little more tolerant to each other, then the system is a ban would work without major complaints. "

    Please take action and please unban me yet, I think the punishment is too severe. And I have an idea to improve your system of punishment, really want to help you.

    I suggest that bans issued for anything particular that drew on the mini map, the ban on 3 days drawing on the minimap, shouted into the microphone ban on day to talk in voice chat, etc. And Bans reduce the time, it seems to me extremely strict ban on the week in fact terribly uncomfortable to play without chat, because the game in Dota 2 is a team game, and about what can we talk about a team with no actual speech itself?

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    I play sometimes in US West, and the number of idiots there that whines a lot and uses mic to verbally abuse you is high. I love playing in SE Asia. They adopt to the current situation instead of whining. If the team is losing, they will mention your bad calls (if you really have any) and at the same time doing their thing to prolong the match and make a comeback. But in US West, I have a lot of negative things to say but I won't elaborate it here since I don't want to get flamed. They love flaming anyway, making themselves feel that they are superior in playing. I'll just call them the US West players rather than being specific and calling them to the letter that starts with A and ends with N.


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      Wrong forum.