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Add a spell effect to other immortal items

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  • Originally posted by Dot4n3r View Post
    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your cauldrons ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


    • Got the Abaddon mace. While I think that the mace generally does looks good, it pales in comparison to Pudge, Kunkka and Vengeful's items and custom effects. I feel there's a need to equalize the wow factor of all instead of making some of them way better than the others. I'm a big spender in DOTA2 and this has really made me lose some respect for Valve.
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      • yeah pls add to LD and to Abaddon items


        • i see that weapon... oh is the inmortal weapon....

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          • ''If Lone Druid's True Form put the Cauldron on top of his head would that make it the best Immortal? (Spoilers: Yes)''

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            • I'm sad to say this, but I honestly doubt there will be a change to the items. This takes me back to the greevling when the dreaded greevil with 3 unusuals ended up looking like total shit compared to other greevils. No change there........I posted time and time again and waited for weeks, still no change. I'm sorry guys, I wish they would change it.......doubt it though.


              • come onnnn really not even an answer "we wont change it shut the fuck up bitches"??
                this expectation is killing me and meanwhile I wont trade my cauldron in the hopes they will change it... and get lowballed after all, you know? =/



                • The solution is:

                  HOOK - make a shitload of blood spill everywhere with a nice meaty sound when it hits. BAM! hooked. SPLASH SLASH CHOPCHOP, get it?

                  LD - shove it up your asses. Just kidding. custom bear, entangle, make it show (or morph) on bearform... even if he carries under one arm, w/e. no big deal. just make something noticeable and cool. Hell, if I threw soup spoons at the enemy and morphed to YOGI BEAR I'd be happy, seriously. (yeah noticeably the cauldron was my lucky drop)

                  Abbadon - ice shards and sparks and glitter and shit on the weapon. something CRACKS when it hit. icey shield? ult goes VISUAL MAYHEM? Not that hard Volvo. instead of going all bright bluyish make him go the deepest black, who knows? would look awesome.
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                  • Originally posted by adoghost View Post

                    i see that weapon... oh is the inmortal weapon....

                    It will be so awesome if we will get a new horse as an visual effect for that immortal mace


                    • Originally posted by Velendro View Post
                      It will be so awesome if we will get a new horse as an visual effect for that immortal mace
                      Or just a skill effect like Pudge, Venge and Kunkka Immortal. LD and Abaddon Immortal don't have a skill effect..
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                      • Make it so people with LD cauldron and Abbadon swords can repick and can only get the Kukka item/Vs or Pudge hook, this way people who got the shit items can get a good one and those few people who like it will keep their immortals, but repicking destroys the item aswell.


                        • I have bought another Compendium and gifted it on my second acc. I got a second LD Immortal. FML.


                          • Add skill effect to Abaddon and LD Immortal please!


                            • Lone Druid's is the most disappointing one. Not only does it not do anything special, it also takes the LD's weapon off of his back. Not to mention most of the game you won't even see it.


                              • I can use my Lone Druid item only till level 5.
                                And it doesn't have a skill effect..

                                Why does it have to be so underwhelming? Kunkka, Venge and Pudge look so good and they have skill effect!