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Add a spell effect to other immortal items

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  • Add a spell effect to other immortal items

    because it's really unfair that only Kunkka's sword, Pudge's Hook, and Venge's weapon change any of their spells. Abaddon's mace does literally nothing special. It's just like any normal item. LD's cauldron changes his attacks in ranged form and adds a smokey trail, but from what I've heard, it's really underwhelming plus you only get it in ranged form [edit: it doesn't even change the attacks from some pictures I have seen]. I think it's unfair to 40% of your compendium purchasers who supported TI3 and got an item that is supposed to be special but isn't really at all.

    Edit: Thanks Valve for listening to your community and improving the items even if some people in this thread didn't voice it in the most... mature manner. pls don't disband volvo <3
    Last edited by mythx; 07-30-2013, 07:00 PM.

  • #2
    i agree, is really unfair for us


    • #3
      I'm really disappointed and got a druid cauldron and its most shity immortal item, plase improve it or change it for other item.
      Lone druid 70% of time spends in his bear form, sadly this item wont change anything.
      Plz look at immortal item for Kunnka or Pudge
      I paid for the compendium as much as the others so I just want a fun item.
      Last edited by Clivard; 07-26-2013, 10:31 PM.


      • #4
        +1 i dont have the ld item but if i got it i'd be really piss. Why even choose load druid when 4 other heroes got weapon items that are always seen on them but ld get like some lesser backpack item.
        Also the abbadon not having his weapon until close to an enemy seems more like a bug than an effect


        • #5
          For LD cauldron, perhaps different Ult transformation sound/effect? Like orange smoke poofing out of the cauldron engulfing him as he transforms.


          • #6
            For lone druid it can be custom Entangle animation, and battle cry, also they can leave smoke when they walk or something.


            • #7


              • #8

                Simply because if we all paid the same price for a compendium then it's only logical that the effects on each item stack up to be equally impressive

                Really disappointed with how this has been handled, and I'm certainly not one of those people that come on here to complain a lot


                • #9
                  look the price of this inmortal items in the market of steam.... is unfair.


                  • #10
                    While i enjoy playing lone druid It's sad we can't see his immortal during his ultimate.
                    And the immortal is lesser attracive than the others....

                    I am confident that valve will fix this !


                    • #11
                      Really is too poor the item for Abaddon :S is like a normal item. Fuck that shit.


                      • #12
                        KK's too good compare to the others. Fix it pls


                        • #13
                          +1 it is completely unfair for LD/Abandon immortal items. why would we pay same ammount of $ yet received such underwhelming items effect like those.


                          • #14
                            Valve figured out their microeconomy months ago.

                            They should have known this was coming. Two sub-par items (one mind you that's only seen for levels 1-6) and 3 gorgeous effect-laced beauties? Not too cool.

                            But yeah, adding a spell effect would help. Possibly a different shield effect for Abbadon (and glowing sword) and a bedazzled True Form for Lone Druid? They're really underwhelming and disappointing in their current states.


                            • #15
                              I got the lone druid item and ..... its bad i does nothing compare to the other ones