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[Feedback] New Ta Immortal 7/18

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  • [Feedback] New Ta Immortal 7/18

    First time poster here btw,

    Alright, so today a patch came out that completely redid the templar assassin focal resonance blades immortal from how they were when released around a week ago.

    The original model was many magnitudes better than its current incarnation; right now it is basically 2 yellow meld spell attack animations anchored to her hands. Very boring, very uninspired, and definitely not the quality an immortal deserves. I almost wish to use the term lazy. How do you people just do this?

    Can you guys please give us, the customers, at least 2 styles on this item? This new horrible version but also the original version for those who liked it? That'd be great, thanks for reading.

  • #2
    I made a reddit thread today also complaining about the same thing. Just because "Some" people liked it, it also got changed for people who loved it like me.
    Sadly valve only listens to reddit and not to the dev forum even tho only a minority gave opinion about the Immortal. Basically people who didnt like it complained, and people who liked it did not say anything.

    Therefore the only logical change is to add the old look as a style.


    • #3
      Sorry but why focal resonance blades has changed, before he looked for another, hitting the inside stone. Answer the question please, and can you (SUPPORT) return old version of the object ??
      Thanks in advance)


      • #4
        I love the changes!! They did a brilliant job!! She can wear all her items!!

        I wanted the bracers to disappear, and her to have only the sci blades as smaller V's. But they gave her propper sci blades!! And made the bracers float so she can wear all her sets!!

        I agree the new one isn't as impressive as far as texzture's go. The gold and black gave much more pressence. I'm sure it was just the quick fix, and they'll make it even better!!!
        Last edited by sealfodder; 07-22-2015, 03:56 PM.


        • #5
          focal resonance was really nice IMMORTAL item , but now it's like a COMMON trash ( its true and you know it , so please rework common trash for do IMMORTAL )


          • #6
            any potential dev reading this right now