Hello to all. I hope I will be understood and listened to. Previously, until 2017, the sales / economy system was on a treasure side, impeccable.
When we could sell after a week / two, but now a lot has changed and now only after 1 year, we can sell to those who need it more.
What happened and why did it need to change after so long after four years of the game’s existence?
Has the valve already reached the bankruptcy threshold with dota 2 or just closed this niche for higher profits?
It couldn’t be bad because people bought battlepass and other things, I don’t have statistics, but domestic policy should notice a change.
Of course, this is probably just a selfish decision on the part of the valve.

I think could come back when two weeks could have been for sale treasures.
I’m also creating a poll and we’ll see which years of the players experience have been much better.
It’s just my opinion, if I don’t know or am wrong, have your say.