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Juggernaut - Yurnero

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  • Juggernaut - Yurnero

    Juggernaut - Yurnero
    Gostaria de comentar sobre juggernaut dota 2, este herói levou um nerf para alguns anos, e isso é muito ruim para jogar com ele, gostaria de sugerir a sua habilidade;
    Gostaria de sugerir um dano passivo para o juggernaut, a partir de lvl 1 a cada 4 hits o quarto hit tem seu dano duplicado.
    -Adicionar na dança da lamina dano de critical 275% + slow ao inimigo,
    *lvl1 20% chance de critical- quando houver dano de critical causa 20% de slow ao inimigo
    *lvl2 25% chance de critical- quando houver dano de critical causa 30% de slow ao inimigo
    *lvl3 30% chance de critical- quando houver dano de critical causa 40% de slow ao inimigo
    *lvl4 37% chance de critical- quando houver dano de critical causa 50% de slow ao inimigo
    - Fúria da Lamina aumenta dano e quando ativada adiciona movimento por +30.
    *lvl 1 Dano 100 duração 5 segundos
    *lvl 2 Dano 120 duração 6 segundos
    *lvl 3 Dano 150 duração 7 segundos
    *lvl 4 Dano 200 duração 8 segundos
    Também permitir deixar a fúria da lâmina para poder usar habilidades como Omnitalho (lvl6).
    Alteração na habilidade Omnitalho gostaria de sugerir:
    Aumentar o numero de cortês
    *Lvl1 8 cortes-aprimoramento com cetro de aghanim 12 cortes
    *lvl2 10 cortes-aprimoramento com cetro de aghanim 15 cortes
    *lvl3 14 cortes-aprimoramento com cetro de aghanim 20 cortes
    Raio para troca de alvo : 600 cetro de aghanim 750
    Alcance: 600 cetro de aghanim 800
    Número de ataques: (8/10/14*) cetro de aghanim (12/15/20*)
    Faixa de dano por ataque: 200-300 com chance de critico da habilidade dança da lamina.
    Levando em conta que o item cetro de aghanim custa 4200k de gold
    modificações no cetro de aghamin p'ra juggernaut:
    -reduzir o tempo de espera das habilidades em 50% de todas as habilidades.
    -aprimorar furia da lamina aumentando o dano em +50 independente do lvl
    -aprimorar Healing Ward (bandeira de cura)
    Efeitos com cetro de aghanim
    Alcance: 600
    Área: 1000
    Duração: 50 segundos
    Cura por segundo: 5%/6%/8%/10%
    Aumenta o dano de aliados em area afetada em 15% com cetro de aghanim
    Invulnerável durante 10 dez segundos(so pode ser destruída por inimigos apos 10 segundos) com cetro de aghanim
    porque desta edição primeiro as habilidades do JG nao são de alvo unico mas sim em area, curta distancia, sendo assim mais facil dos seus alvos correrem.

    Would you like to comment on juggernaut dota 2, this hero took a nerf for a few years, and this is too bad to play with it, I would suggest its skill;
    I would suggest a passive damage to the juggernaut, from lvl 1 every 4 hits the fourth hit has its duplicate damage.
    -Add in the lamina dance critical 275% + slow damage to the enemy,
    * Lvl1 20% chance of critical- when there is critical damage causes 20% of slow to enemy
    * Lvl2 25% chance of critical- when there is critical damage causes 30% of slow to enemy
    * Lvl3 30% chance of critical- when there is critical damage causes 40% of slow to enemy
    * Lvl4 37% chance of critical- when there is critical damage causes 50% slow to enemy
    - Lamina's Fury increases damage and when activated adds movement by +30.
    * Lvl 1 Damage 100 duration 5 seconds
    * Lvl 2 Damage 120 duration 6 seconds
    * Lvl 3 Damage duration 150 seconds 7 seconds
    * Lvl 4 Damage 200 duration 8 seconds
    Also allow to leave the fury of the blade to be able to use abilities like Omnitalho (lvl6).
    Change in ability Omnitalho would like to suggest:
    Increase the number of courteous
    * Lvl1 8 cuts-enhancement with aghanim scepter 12 cuts
    * Lvl2 10 cuts-enhancement with aghanim scepter 15 cuts
    * Lvl3 14 cuts-enhancement with aghanim scepter 20 cuts
    Radius for exchange of target: 600 scepter of aghanim 750
    Range: 600 scepter of aghanim 800
    Number of attacks8/10/14 *) scepter of aghanim (12/15/20 *)
    Range of damage per attack: 200-300 with critical chance of the blade dance skill.
    Taking into account that the item sphinx of aghanim costs 4200k gold
    Changes in the scepter of aghamin p'ra juggernaut:
    - Reduce skill waiting time by 50% of all abilities.
    -lead blade fury increasing damage by +50 independent of lvl
    -improve Healing Ward (healing flag)
    Effects with scepter of aghanim
    Range: 600
    Area: 1000
    Duration: 50 seconds
    Cure per second: 5% / 6% / 8% / 10%
    Increases allied damage in affected area by 15% with aghanim scepter
    Invulnerable for 10 ten seconds (can only be destroyed by enemies after 10 seconds) with scepter of aghanim

    Because this edition first has JG skills are not single target but rather in area, short distance, making it easier for your targets to run.

    Make dota 2 a more dynamic game
    Well, I watched the 2nd half a long time, it could have a way where the whole game lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes, because simple games that last 50 minutes are boring because simple, you only have fun at the end if you are winning and killing who loses I have fun less, of course I have fun anyway but I'm sick of having only a bad player with the player, or playing against the other team with complete counter or always with heroes appeals, what I want to say with all this, well let's go to the point .

    Dota 2 Dynamic Mode, number of creeps 8 per group of creeps and 2x more creeps per birth, I do not know what the birth pattern is per minute but increase the number of creeps this would increase the number of gold and exp by me, okay haha Would greatly improve the farme and the speed with which the game would be completed, but also in this mode the life of the creeps was only half of the standard, all creeps to neutral 50% less than HP.
    The game would be much faster and more fun because?
    -imply any player that plays like to buy items he would have more items would be more competitive, now and beyond that to increase the exp and gold we increase the damage of the items?
    Besides that this game could only be played by player above lvl 15, I almost forgot to add the surrender option.
    Last edited by hunterma; 05-20-2017, 01:25 PM.