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Is here where we talk about hero skins?

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  • Is here where we talk about hero skins?

    If yes, I have a huge call that I'm sure most people are with me.

    DON'T add funny stuff to this game.

    I'll talk about me, because I don't want to see a ursa dressed like a mountain mob, or a cyber broodmother, or a pudge on a santa clothes. For god sake, DON'T DO THAT. New hero skins are good, and they add variety to the game, but its bullshit to add stuff that have nothing to do with the lore of the heros, or things that break the atmosphere.

    Most of the hero skins are awesome but there are those ridiculous one, please avoid that -_-

    Not all brazilians are assholes...

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      Quoting from their FAQ.

      Q: If fans are creating content via Steam Workshop, how will you ensure it fits the theme of a hero/game?
      A: We’re acutely aware of the community’s concerns around remaining true to the theme of the game, so much so that we think the community should be directly involved in the process of choosing what goes into it. The Steam Workshop allows you to submit your votes and thoughts on contributed items before we make any decision to put them into the game, so jump in and help us stay on the right track. We think the community at large is actually really good at making these kinds of decisions.


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        Great solution valve!


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          Originally posted by deepak View Post
          We think the community at large is actually really good at making these kinds of decisions.
          Personally, I would disagree.


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            I feared certain leaked Itemsets would destroy the artstyle (mountaineer Ursa, Blademother), but they do not seem to be integrated in the store, so they seemed to have listened to the community.
            I still have hope in this game to not turn into a second TF2 dollhouse


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              They probably have some sort of system to make sure that only the cosmetics that get a certain rating from a certain number of people would be considered for implementation into the game.


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                End this faggot please.


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                  Originally posted by Huntersteve View Post
                  What if we like that though?


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                    Just use the cosmetic voting. Only Bugs and Suggestions should be on this site, as per the new forums created for them.
                    Please read Common Discussions, Common Suggestions, Common Technical Issues, Common Bugs, and do a website search prior to making any new thread.
                    Use the report () button to report flaming, illegal discussions, offensive content, excessive spam, trolling, advertising, or duplicate threads