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Here's a yardarm for ya; Detrementalism for Items.

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  • Here's a yardarm for ya; Detrementalism for Items.

    We all have that nightmare.
    Y'know, the acheivements one?
    Where you're winning, and someone does something stupid just to get an acheivement for an item, and you LOSE because of it.
    But, of course, he gets the item.
    Whats stopping this? Nothing, Yet. How about this:In order to gain an item you found/achieved, YOU MUST WIN, You will NOT get the item if you win, but will not lose it if you lose, it gets stored in a lock-box, and when you win, you obtain the item(s).
    This makes it a bit better, people will be less inclined to do really stupid stuff and entirely blow it, so they have to play ANOTHER game and perhaps LOSE again and have to wait until they win, you can still find items, but until you win, You don't get the items yet.

    Just a suggestion to keep it from devolving into stupidity and unfun.

    Also, Low Priority Mechanic:
    If you abandon, You may not find ANY item or gain any item from achievements-Such items will be stored in the lockbox-for 24 hours, even if you use an item(because we all know its there valve+Icefrog) to remove Low Priority, You still MUST wait the full 24 hours. No random drops, any achieved/Obtained Items are as stated, stored in the lockbox until the time is up, and you obtain your items.
    This also helps discourage abandoning if one actually WANTS their items, griefing and trolling mechanics aside, they're gonna have to stay and play. It might also be nice to remove an item until the next random drop if one finds an item and abandons on purpose-You know, Hits ABANDON after disconnecting, not d/c'ing the full 5 minutes because, I don't know, 3 man-lan party with SUDDENLY; POWER OUTAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.

    Discourages the people who care for items from being a total ass and not participating, because hey, he's gonna have to waste another 40-60 minutes just to get his item, and he may not get such.

  • #2
    There's no indication that items will be given by achievements. The FAQ indicates they essentially be awarded for playing games.

    I don't like the idea of giving them out for winning only, I think the current method acts as a good way to make people finish games (not abandon early etc)


    • #3
      Such a simple and constructive criticizing post should be what all do.
      And the achievement thing is just an example, cause you know there's gonna be acheivements. And low priority isn't that bad, Some people will just quit as soon as someone abandons, or as someone disconnects, take an abandon.
      Whats stopping someone from finding an item mid game, and leaving the instant they find an item? Low Priority? Its not that big of a deal to most.


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        I find it likely that people will find items at the end of games, rather than the middle - for just this reason. AKA Valve will make the items drop at the end of the games, not the middle.

        And I don't see Valve putting in any achievement rewards that would encourage this sort of abuse.


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          Originally posted by Synth View Post
          [SIZE=1]Whats stopping someone from finding an item mid game, and leaving the instant they find an item? Low Priority? Its not that big of a deal to most.
          If we take TF2 as example, you either get an item when you die (thus have the time to quickly look at it while waiting for respawn) or if you're awesome and doesn't die once the round ends (in DotA case, the match)

          Since there's buyback in DotA, there's no forced wait time to sit through, so I guess they'll only give item at the end of the match. Which would mean the guy who want an item need to stay til the end to get it.

          TF2 had some unlocks from achievements, but those are actual weapons and not cosmetic (and with most achievements being actually doing something good, like Demo exploding engi nest during uber, or spy stabbing a medic before he can uber), which I doubt the same can be implemented for all heroes in DotA (again, TF2's achievement unlocks are different weapon sets, not just cosmetic stuffs)
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            By your moronic logic, this could also be used to get people to buy more wards, make smarter picks, play more support, and play better dota.