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How are Dota Battle Points calculated?

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  • #16
    Originally posted by BehelitOutlaw View Post
    one point per minute, that's all
    Nope, not even close. If the game length is only variable, I am really disappointed. So I'm sure it isn't.

    If you played with your friends, did all of you get the same amount?


    • #17
      It's not length, I'm sure.
      Here's my 2 cents, it may help:

      Lost first game pretty fast. Got 20 points and item. Didn't check others. Played as Ogre Magi rather poorly.
      Won second game. Was rather average, like 40 min. Got 74 point. Played as bh (mainly because my item was for him ), did rather average.
      Won third game. Was a long one, like 50-60 min. Also got about 70 points. Was enigma. Died quite alot, but hit some good blackholes, so had like 25 assists
      Won 4th game. Was rather short, mb llike 30 min. Got also around 75 point. Checked opponents - they got around 35 points. Was viper, did pretty average, enemy team just got stopmed by teammates.


      • #18
        Originally posted by D2P.Nexus View Post
        If the game length is only variable, I am really disappointed. So I'm sure it isn't.
        if length is the only measure, you are really disappointed, and because you would be really disappointed, you're sure that isn't the case? is this satire?


        • #19
          Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of BP accumulation anyway? More item drops the higher level you are?


          • #20
            Originally posted by Infiltrator View Post
            Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of BP accumulation anyway? More item drops the higher level you are?
            you get a guaranteed item every level.


            • #21
              Originally posted by Apolladan View Post
              If it's anything like league, there will be a base amount, and diminishing returns. Plus, why waste time in a game when you can get the same amount of battle points or higher by starting a new one?
              I think there is an optimal value for game time, like at 40 minutes = 75 BP...

              Example: If your game last for 30 minutes you get around 60 points, and if it lasts 50 minutes, the same 60. This way you cant start many games of 1 minute (because you wont get any points), and cannot farm with a turtle team (2 hours game = few BP).

              Another variable would be if you won or lost. If you won you get, say 50% more BP? (EDIT: Winning and losing teams get the same ammount, just checked.)

              All numbers here are fictional and not even near what the real numbers are, only the idea.
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              • #22
                Originally posted by PSIDefenseUp View Post
                The same amount is awarded to everyone on the team (and maybe everyone in the game) as far as I'm aware.

                So it's not exactly based on personal performance, but I'm not sure whether or not everyone's is taken into account.
                I can't be this, or if it is it must be changed! It should check if you followed your role fuction deaths assists kills etc. And it should be different from player to player even if its on the same team.

                Also you shouldve be able to loose BP


                • #23
                  Originally posted by vladhood View Post
                  the most sensible measure would be length. i got 77 my first game for an hour long.
                  my first game was an hour long as well. i lost but got 71 points.

                  Garena or GG deja vu.

                  I can play these heroes all day long.


                  • #24
                    Kinda disappointing that battle points can only go up.

                    What I was expecting was the battle points kinda represents matchmaking rating or so, you can get better opponents
                    depending on your rating / battle level.

                    Currently battle level /points represents how much games you've played, i suppose. :/ don't know how they are calculated though.


                    • #25

                      Let's discuss.

                      222 battlepoints for the game 40 min.
                      Last edited by Oboroten; 06-02-2012, 04:53 AM.


                      • #26
                        Originally posted by Oboroten View Post

                        Let's discuss.

                        222 battlepoints for the game 40 min.
                        It also says lvl 22, and says playername, therefor I assume its a bug of some sort. I seriosuly doubt anyone reached 22 in 2 days. Though its odd that it didnt goto level 99, maybe theres a cap?