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Strange Item Suggestions

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Strange Item Suggestions

    Post here with your ideas for cool things strange items can track. Here's one from Reddit:

    - Tidehunter items measuring the distance they've been dragged.

  • #2
    - Nature's Prophet: Courier snipes (teleport behind enemy lines & teleport back) with Furion
    - Nature's Prophet: # of cut trees
    - Enigma: Amount of damage dealt in a combo (Midnight Pulse + Black Hole)
    - Enigma: # of successfull combos (pulse into blackhole, followed by malefice)
    - Dark Seer: Enemies trapped with Vacuum
    - Ursa: Deaths to Roshan
    - Ursa: Earliest Roshan in xx:xx
    - Kunkka: times crossed the fjord ehm... river
    - Kunkka: Distance sailed on the river
    - Axe: most deadly neutral (the neutral that killed you the most)
    - Axe: enemies killed on the last tick of Battle Hunger
    - Death Prophet: Furthest distance traveled by a ghost that killed a unit (or hero).
    - Huskar: most kills with < 15% hp, < 10% hp and < 5% hp at any point in fight
    - Huskar: Furthest distance traveled with Life Break
    - Morphling: Highest amount of strength morphed necessary for survival
    - Morphling: # of enemies shotgun'd
    - Enchantress/Chen: # of enemy units stolen
    - Rikimaru: # of times being revealed by sentries without noticing it (Caution: may cause paranoia in the long run)
    - Disruptor: # of heroes sent back after they teleported OR a greater distance than x.
    - Any hero with global damage spell (Spectre, Furion, etc.): Amount of daggers canceled via ultimate shortly before teamclash (Tidehunter, Crix, Earthshaker, etc.)

    Do those stats vanish after each game or how exactly does this work?
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    • #3
      You could do that sort of measurement on quite a few heroes that have movement type abilities. QoP, AM, Void -> distance blinked, SpiritBreaker -> distance charged, etc.

      Dark Seer, number of illusions made by walls

      Lots of stat type ones like that are fairly obvious...

      Stranger one: Mouse courier, number of times team/owner has got Cheese
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      • #4
        Ogre Magi: Number of times you acheive 4x Multicast

        Batrider: Distance of enemies dragged with lasso

        Pudge: number of well placed hooks

        Sniper: number of kills by headshot

        Puck: Damage evaded with Phase Shift
        Originally posted by daed
        This is another example as to why the developers should never seriously take in consideration any post on the dev forums.


        • #5
          Enchantress: Distance Impetus spears thrown

          Is there anywhere I can see what strange counters are already in? The ones I know about are kills, victories, treants created and omnislash jumps.

          If it's not already in: Health healed for all heroes with a healing ability.


          • #6
            i think those suggestions is gonna be ''achievements" ?
            or i miss understand it ?
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            • #7
              Axe: number of kills with cunning blow, also, everytime he kills a hero with his ult there will be a mark on the terrain floor showing where he did it.
              Originally posted by daed
              This is another example as to why the developers should never seriously take in consideration any post on the dev forums.


              • #8
                Zeus: Number of kills by Thundergod's Wrath.
                Huskar: Amounts of HP lost due to the use of Burning Spear.
                Razor: Total amount of damage stolen by static link.
                Pudge: Number of failed hooks.
                The King of Sand Kings is here! Epicenter's upon you!


                • #9
                  Chen: Number of heroes sent back to pool
                  Pudge: Heroes hooked/missed hooks(hooked a creep or outright missed)
                  Invoker: Number of sunstrikes that killed a hero.

                  If any of these get in game I want a self-made kthxbai.

                  I'm kiddingggggg.


                  • #10
                    Void: Total Damage avoided by backtrack

                    Storm: Total distance traveled
                    Storm: Longest distance traveled


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by vam View Post
                      i think those suggestions is gonna be ''achievements" ?
                      or i miss understand it ?
                      Strange items track stats. They are similar, if not identical, to the strange items in TF2.

                      Enemies stunned.
                      Chen and Enchantress: Creep abilities used.
                      Skeleton King: Times respawned.
                      Outworld Destroyer: Enemies imprisoned.
                      Silencer: Intelligence stolen.

                      Are there strange couriers? Gold worth of items delivered.
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                      • #12
                        Kunkka: number of fail boat


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by vam View Post
                          i think those suggestions is gonna be ''achievements" ?
                          or i miss understand it ?
                          Something like that. In TF2 the Strange weapons have the ability to record how many enemies have you killed with it, and there is also some items that can add more, different counters to that weapon. This would be the same thing.


                          • #14
                            Phantom Lancer: Total number of phantoms produced
                            Phantom Lancer: Number of single target spells used by enemies on your phantoms (The number of times you fooled them that that was you)
                            Phantom Lancer: Number of kills gained by phantoms' damage

                            Bane: Total time of ult disabling.

                            Invoker: Total Sun strike kills
                            Invoker: Spells per minute (Could be, think about it :P)

                            Naix: Total life stolen
                            Naix: Total time spent in infest

                            Riki: Total time remained unseen (Disables itself while user is in base or AFK)

                            Silencer: Total INT stolen
                            Silencer: Total duration of silence of any kind.

                            I could keep going, but I gotta go study :P


                            • #15
                              Windrunner - # of 2 heroes succesfully shackled
                              phantom assasin - # survived below 10% usinf dopple
                              mirana - # of full 5 sec stuns by arrow
                              puck - # of ethereal jaunt above 90% of distance travelled
                              sniper - # of sniped heroes outside casting range
                              void - # of kills done inside chronosphere
                              krobelus - # of ghosts getting max heal possible returned to death prophet
                              leshrac - # of towers killed using skills
                              earthshaker and sand king - # of blinks
                              antimage - # of blinks utilizing 90% of maximum range
                              barathrum - # of heroes knockbacked while charging
                              clinkz - total time under windwalk
                              riki - total time revealed(not invi) after lv 6
                              huskar - total time spent under 30% life
                              batrider - # of trees destroyed

                              all - # of denied heroes
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