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Strange Item Suggestions

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #31
    PWNga - number of kills by ward. and ward kill streaks (second one more achievements).


    • #32
      Necrolyte - Number of times that Reaper's Scythe HELPs killing a hero. (well, HELP here consists of both killing that hero yourself and stopping a hero from running away from your team. I believe this one more or less increase the number of time that Reaper's Scythe is used for stopping purpose, not only killing.)
      Necrolyte - Number of heroes killed by Heartstopper Aura

      Weaver - Number of times Time Lapse saved your life.

      Visage - Total damage dealt by Soul Assumption or number of times Soul Assumption is casted when soul charge is maxed.

      Mortred - Number of times Coup de Grace killed a hero.

      Any hero with chain ability (Lightning Storm, Arc Lightning, Nature's Wrath, Mystic Snake, Fade Bolt, Moon Glaive,...) - Number of times killed a hero with these skills. Because, not only casting these spells directly will give you a kill, but also indirectly through casting those spells on another target and let the bounce do the rest.

      All - Number of times canceled a channeling ability of your enemies.

      Uhmm, a question. If our ideas somehow got implemented, will we receive that item for free? Like a reward?
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      • #33
        Number of times you stunned an enemy hero with ice path
        Number of kills with macropyre

        Total damage done to enemy heroes by wolves
        Number of times a teammate has killed an enemy hero while under the effects of howl

        Total damage done to enemy heroes by spiderlings/spiderites.
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        • #34
          Tinker: Amount of times Boots of Travel were used.
          Tinker: Amount of heroes successfully killed by Heat Seeking Missiles.
          Tinker: Damage done to heroes by Heat Seeking Missiles.

          Bane: Amount of time enemy heroes spent in Nightmare.
          Bane: Amount of times Enfeeble left an enemy hero incapable of dealing any autoattack damage at all.

          Warlock: Total amount of damage done by your Fatal Bonds.
          Warlock: Creeps/towers/heroes killed by your Golem.
          Warlock: Amount of health restored by Shadow Word.

          Shadow Demon: Amount of times enemy heroes were caught with Soul Catcher.
          Shadow Demon: Shadow Poison kills.
          Shadow Demon: Amount of buffs dispelled by Demonic Purge.
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          • #35
            Bara, Void, Slardar. Total duration of bash


            • #36
              Axe: Enemies culled (already in-game?)

              Dazzle: Lives saved with Shallow Grave (if enemy HP would drop below zero while buffed, add to counter. 1 instance per cast)

              Mirana: Full-duration arrow stuns

              Phantom Lancer: Illusions created

              Broodmother: Spiderlings/Spiderites spawned

              Spectre: Kills by Haunt illusions
              Spectre: Kills with Dispersion (always hilarious, definitely worth tracking)

              Ogre Magi: x4 Multicasts

              Invoker: Sunstrike kills

              Ideally all trackers will only be ones that encourage good team play and discourage bad habits. Any of them that are a bit silly (like Dispersion kills) should not be detrimental if a player is determined to achieve them.


              • #37
                Originally posted by Guilherme View Post
                Num of different items delivered would be good enough.
                Then there would be a set maximum number, while all other strange items count up indefinitely. I went with gold worth rather than number of items, because the latter could potentially result in players wanting to boost their numbers buy inappropriate numbers of iron branches or clarities.


                • #38
                  - # of trades completed
                  - avg apm
                  - Enigma: # of tower attacks with eidolons


                  • #39
                    Anti-Mage: Total Distance Blinked

                    Slardar: Amount of times you have casted ult (Amplify Damage) on Riki.

                    Invoker: Amount of times invoked a ability

                    Pudge: % of hit hooks

                    Enigma: Amount of 5 man black holes (encourages people to do better black holes)
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                    • #40
                      Bounty Hunter: Number of Rikis tracked
                      Skeleton King: Number of heroes killed with fire of 1st skill
                      Skeleton King: Number of respawns
                      Tiny: Number of allied heroes thrown
                      Shadow Fiend: Number of Souls collected
                      Shadow Fiend: Number of Souls released by ulti
                      Shadow Fiend: Number of Souls lost


                      • #41
                        Pugna: number of seconds life-sucked
                        Lion: number of second mana-sucked
                        Lich: number of ult bounces
                        Lich: number of sacrifices
                        Leshrac: number of team-wipes
                        Sniper: number of towers denied
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                        • #42
                          Kunkka: Number of enemies hit with Tidebringer
                          Originally posted by vladhood
                          boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow


                          • #43
                            Some have probably been suggested before but..

                            Pudge - # of hooks that hit enemy heroes
                            Leshrac - # of towers killed with edict
                            Bloodseeker - longest distance an enemy move before dying to Rupture
                            Morphling - # of points morphed between STR and AGI
                            Phantom Lancer - # of illusions created
                            Bounty Hunter - total bounty collected through his ult
                            Broodmother - # of spiderlings created
                            Anti-Mage - # of enemy mages killed (Invoker, Lion, Necrolyte, etc.pp.)
                            Mirana - # of max stun duration arrows hit on enemy heroes
                            Zeus - # of enemies killed with his ultimate
                            Pugna - # of enemies killed by the nether ward
                            Ogre Magi - # of x4 multicasts

                            Some general ones for all heroes:
                            - # of first bloods gotten
                            - highest winning spree
                            - highest gpm
                            - highest apm
                            - highest xpm
                            - highest last hits/denies
                            - # of couriers bought
                            - # of wards bought
                            - # of Roshan kills
                            - # of going godlike

                            Alright enough for now
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                            • #44
                              Enigma: Number of perfect Black Holes (all five heroes).
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                              • #45
                                Mirana: Average Sacred Arrow travel distance.
                                Mirana: Sacred Arrow accuracy (plus % of heroes hit vs % of creeps hit by it)
                                Mirana: Number of leaps performed in a match (also total leaps of all matches)
                                Mirana: Average number of units hit by Starstorm (also number of units that died to Starstorm)
                                Mirana: Number of times Moonlight Shadow was cast.
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