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Strange Item Suggestions

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #46
    Sand king :Number of times avoiding stun with burrowstrike
    Sand king :Number of times avoiding stun with sand storm


    • #47
      Pudge: Number of suicides
      Ursa: Max number of attack damage
      Riki: Number of gems picked up
      Tidehunter: Max number of units ulted
      Enchantress: Max number of Ulti-spear distance traveled
      Antimage: Number of mana burnt
      Geomancer: Max number of seconds single enemy ensared with 1st skills
      Bounty Hunter: Number of sudden 1 hit stealth kills


      • #48
        Shadow Shaman:

        Number of successful ward traps with his ult.


        • #49
          Ursa: Biggest damage in one hit to roshan


          • #50
            -Number of times stunned and getting stunned by Skull Basher.
            -Number of times stunning more than 1 target by Lina.
            -Number of successful stuns by both Torrent and Ghostship with Kunkka.

            Will post as I come up with more ideas.
            My Dota 2 workshop AceMcShanks


            • #51
              Puck: Group hugs (more than 2 caught in coil)

              Lifestealer: total life stolen/leeched.

              Meepo: Total nets landed.

              Omniknight: Total damage healed to allies
              Omniknight: Total damage done to enemies

              Doom Bringer: Total creeps consumed
              Doom Bringer: Number of Doomed targets
              Doom Bringer: Number of stolen creep skills

              Beastmaster: Minions spawned
              Beastmaster: Roar hits (or multi hits)
              Beasmaster: Boar poison tags on heroes

              Crystal Maiden: Frostbitten heroes time & damage
              Crystal Maiden: Total mana regenerated for allies.

              Nightstalker: Kills during Night (and/or Day)

              Venomancer: Successful gale hits


              • #52
                Invoker : Total different spells used in 3 minutes
                Invoker : Total Sunstrike hits


                • #53
                  6 pages and no witch doctor

                  Witch Doctor: maximum/total bonus damage dealt by maledict
                  Omni/WD/Enchantress: total heal
                  Witch Doctor:: number of hero stuns on last hit of cask.
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                  • #54
                    Dazzle: total/max damage blocked with 2nd skill
                    Huskarr: number of kills with 100 hp or lower
                    Void: number of hero kills inside ulti sphere
                    Lycan: kills by wolves
                    Lycan: total distance traveled while ulti
                    Doom: total of heroes doomed to death
                    Enchantess: total times heroes got slowed by passive
                    Sniper: number of interruptions of enemy casting by passive
                    Axe: number of enemies died under aggro
                    Axe: number of enemies killed with Hunger
                    Axe: number of missed culling blades
                    Ogre Magi: max number of multicasts in a row
                    Phantom Lancer: number of illusions created
                    Phantom Lancer: max number of illusions row (when illusion creates and illusion, and again and again)
                    Batrider: total distance that enemies traveled while catched


                    • #55
                      Silencer: number of mana burnt
                      Silencer: Total amount of int gain by passive
                      Silencer: max int gain by passive in 1 game
                      Silencer: number of times you have been silenced
                      Pugna: number of enemy deaths while in Decrepify


                      • #56
                        A different view at the counters

                        I think many of the suggestions tend to lose meaning after they are exaustively executed. Counters like per example the ones suggested by rasielll right above my post:

                        Originally posted by rasielll View Post
                        Silencer: number of mana burnt
                        Silencer: Total amount of int gain by passive
                        Silencer: max int gain by passive in 1 game
                        Silencer: number of times you have been silenced
                        Pugna: number of enemy deaths while in Decrepify
                        A person looking at this data alone can't make much sense of it because the values are dependant on the variable number of games played..
                        Ideally the number just keeps growing to a big one and that won't give much information by itself, because it's not correlated with the way you play the hero. It will just keep adding up in all games and for that, a simple counter of how many times the player has played that hero would be quite the same...
                        I will try to show a work around this with remade examples:
                        Silencer: Biggest amount of mana burnt in one game
                        Silencer: Average int gain by passive in one game
                        Silencer: max int gain in 1 game (this one goes along with my point)
                        Silencer: number of times you have been silenced -> I find this one tricky, because it's funny. Suggestions like this and, per example, the first that GreenMarine made on the first post of this thread have more impact adding up all together because this kind of data has a bigger impact this way. (Ah! Silencer didn't see that coming, or that Tide is sure a wayfarer)
                        Pugna: Average/Biggest number of enemy deaths while in Decrepify

                        P.S: If combat data is collected from an average of all games this will fight the tendency to play a bad game for the sake of stat-chasing. People won't ruin games over and over again in order to try to keep a determined value up or down (if that means losing games over and over again).
                        If they do prefer keep losing games like that to maximize a determined counter, then matchmaking should take care of keeping those players away from your matches.
                        Last edited by Francisco; 06-03-2012, 04:06 AM. Reason: Added the P.S.


                        • #57
                          Spectre: distance travelled whilst on dagger trail
                          Shadow Fiend: number of kills with razes


                          • #58
                            Tinker-Number of times you teleported with BoT
                            Tinker- Number of long range kills with rockets
                            Tinker- Number of item actives used


                            • #59
                              Windrunner: Distance ran while Windrunning.
                              Windrunner: Number of arrows shot while Focus Firing.

                              Clinkz: Distance walked with Skeleton Walk.
                              Clinkz: Number of arrows shot while using Strafe.

                              Riki: Backstabs.

                              Tinker: Number of Lasers pew'd

                              Pugna: Amount of health gained from ulti.

                              General: Number of ults upgraded. (Number of times bought Scepter.)

                              Treant Protector: Cannibal tracker, number of tangoes used on trees. You monster.
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                              • #60
                                All I want is number of cogs triggered.