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Strange Item Suggestions

This is a sticky topic.
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  • meisam93
    sry to post here but i just think there shd be a change in prices of healing salve (110> u can use all ur starting gold somehow if u r gonna. i mostly remain with 40 gold bcuz i bought a salve for 110 gold and not 100) and dust (180g is expensive! for 2dusts)

    and OFC we shd b able to buy DUST AND SENTRY not in pakcs of 2 but 1 meaning 1sentry=100gold and 1dust=90gold (if not geting any cheaper) the choice is up to US. we shd not be forced to buy these in packs bcuz they decided that it shd be so!

    i must also say that i play in normal skill braket so i dont see lots of smokes but 50 is kinda cheap when dust is 90g and sentry100g

    plz consider these. ty.

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  • asepwashere

    Changed weapon into javelin.Inspired from skill 2 animation.

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  • Vitamin(Plus)C
    New Enigma item should have triple+ hero black holes.

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  • Amitsuu
    Some ideas
    Bloodseeker Multi-Hero Blood Rite
    Dazzle Total healing with Shadow Wave
    Dazzle Kills with Shadow Wave
    Dazzle Multi Hero Weave (Enemy Heros)
    Dazzle Heros saved with Shallow Grave (a Shallow Grave cast on heros with 10% HP or less)
    Doom Kills with LVL ? Death
    Enchantress Total healing with Nature's Attendants
    Night Stalker Kills during Night (When he got a item)
    Slardar Kills during Amplify Damage debuff
    Slardar Multi-Hero Slithereen Crush
    Zeus Kills with Ult (When he got a item)

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  • Wedfall
    Earth spirit

    5-hero Magnetize

    3-hero Boulder smash stunned

    Number of placed stone remnants

    give earth spirit arcana item ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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  • Claire Farron
    Enigma: Number of enemy killed by Midnight Pulse in BlackHole

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  • kuxiz
    Nah, i know what none of this will be implemented on game.

    1) Mist Coil Suicides.
    2) Aphotic Shield debuffs purged

    1) Wild Axes Kills

    1) Kills under Bloodrage
    2) Kills, while under 20% HP.

    Bounty Hunter
    1) Channeling Spells interrupted by Shuriken Toss
    2) TP interrupted by Shuriken Toss

    Centaur Warrunner
    1) Enemies slowed by Stampede

    Chaos Knight
    1) Kills with Chaos Rift attack

    1) Enchant Totem Kills
    2) Aftershock stuns

    Faceless Void
    1) Backtrack evades
    2) Timelocked enemies

    Keeper Of The Light
    1) Mana restored with Chakra Magic

    1) Towers Destroyed by Diabolic Edict

    1) Kills under Howl

    1) 3-hero Earthbind
    2) Poof Kills

    Naga Siren
    1) Illusions Summoned by Mirror Image
    2) Teleports, while using Song Of The Siren

    Nature's Prophet
    1) Wrath of Nature Kills
    2) 2-hero Sprouts

    Ogre Magi
    1) 4X Multicast Bloodlust!
    2) Kills by using Unrefined Fireblast

    1) 5-hero Guardian Angel
    2) Purification Kills

    Outworld Devourer
    1) Kills by using Sanity's Eclipse
    2) Illusions killed by Arcane Orb.

    1) 3-hero Smoke Screen
    2) Blink Strike Kills

    1) Telekinesis Stuns

    Sand King
    1) Sandstorm kills

    Shadow Shaman
    1) Ether Shock Double-Kills
    2) Kills with Mass Serpent Wards

    1) Sigils Summoned

    Wraith King
    1) Kills with Wrathfire Blast

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  • ophoria
    Disruptor: Number of glimpses (back to base?), number of heroes being killed by somebody at all in a Kinetic Field

    Bane: Number of kills with ulti.

    Treant: Number of times any building has been healed up from < 50% HP, Number of heroes cought in ulti, Number of killed by Leech Seed

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  • AmdanBelen
    All hero gems :
    -trees destroyed
    -hero damage dealt
    -total distance walked/traveled
    -1v1 mid games won
    -total damage dealt/taken (above 1 is good)

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  • 3idolon
    I think someone might have suggested these already.

    Abaddon: Suicides with Mist Coil
    Krobelus: Three-hero silence

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  • Sylla
    Lone Druid desperately needs a gem. For Example; "Enemies entangled"

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  • hking0036
    All heroes: creeps killed
    Brood: Webs Spun
    Brood: Spiderlings created.

    those are ones that come to mind.

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  • cinephile
    Styles for gems. Ability to select a style of how you want the information displayed. For example:

    This is what we have right now

    This shows a little more information if desired.

    Same information, slightly more 'brag worthy' format.
    Last edited by cinephile; 02-12-2014, 08:38 AM.

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  • Xavian
    Must have gems:
    Creeps Denied - Common
    Couriers Killed - Common
    Furion Ultimate Kill's - Furion/Rubick
    Teleport Kills - Furion/Rubick (will count kills made during 5(10) seconds after teleport)
    Treants Kill - Furion/Rubick
    Sacred Arrow Kills - Mirana/Rubick
    Necromicon Kills - Common
    Necromicon's Warrior Kills - Common ( Count kills made by damage triggered after warrior death)
    Necromicon's Archer kills - Common ( Count kills made by Mana Drain active ability)
    Dagon Kills - Common
    Orchid Kills - Common
    Urn Kills - Common ( Count kills made by Urn)

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  • wheresmybear
    bring back or add a certain level system for all-hero gems like kills, victories, etc.
    having a certain milestone to aim for is fun and satisfying compared to the current system that shows you how many people you killed. I mean sure high numbers are impressive but maybe an added description or title would be better.

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