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Dota 2 Auction House type thing.

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  • Dota 2 Auction House type thing.

    Now I know what your thinking. Just read my idea before flaming, this isn't like D3 Auction house where you can pay people for stuff.

    Pretty simple. You go into the Auction house tab. Make a new auction, put up the item you don't want. Then you would make a list of items you would want to trade it for. You would be able to search by Items people want to trade, Items people want to trade for, Items in your inventory (so you can see all the stuff you can potentially trade for)

    If people don't like this idea, I think Valve should at least have a Trade Chat Channel.

  • #2
    chat_join "Trade Chat Channel

    there you go


    • #3
      I didn't know the Dota 2 Lobby had separate chat channels. But I do still think the Item Trading Auction House type thing is a good idea. It would work just like talking to people but you don't need to stay in a chat channel and spam your trade request, you can put up the auction and go play some matches. You wouldn't need to be online for someone to trade with you.

      Downside? one more thing Valve has to work on.

      With people getting doubles of items, it seems like trading is going to be something big once the game goes live. I think this idea would streamline it.


      • #4
        Auction house? Nope.

        I rather have some sort of trading tool, you put an item, you choose something you want, and wait for people to trade.


        • #5
          Thats exactly what I said.


          • #6
            I like this idea.


            • #7
              I too like this idea.


              • #8
                *was about to post a comment about how this is a shit idea seeing what blizzard did*

                *reads rest of the post and realizes its not a similar concept*

                Learn from me kids.

                On topic: I think it would be a great idea seeing how the chat channels made to talk to people and interract are just spammed by people trying to trade stuff.


                • #9
                  love this idea +1


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Clerono View Post
                    Auction house? Nope.

                    I rather have some sort of trading tool, you put an item, you choose something you want, and wait for people to trade.
                    Aside from the fact this made me kind of sad inside, you should take this guys answer as support.

                    I'll also support this, even though I just delete all my items.


                    • #11
                      will make stuff a lot easier.i like it


                      • #12
                        I thumbs up on this thread.


                        • #13
                          Nice idea would support this aswell !


                          • #14
                            Whatever you do, don't call it auction house. This is now reserved for moneygrabbing fail strategies connected to a bad game.


                            • #15
                              Any kind of proper trade function is mandatory now, people are getting scammed quite easily, the chat is filled with spam. What little chance there ever was that people actually wanted to talk properly about DOTA like normal humans (yeah, I know) is pretty much gone. Come on Valve, you're supposedly big on 'cleaning up' the DOTA community, but the addition of the tradeable items has pretty much dumped all over that idea.
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