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Team Inventories (Shared Inventory)

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  • Team Inventories (Shared Inventory)

    With the idea that Dota 2 is a team game, would it be at all possible to create a team inventory that all members can drop items into and take items out of? I share items with numerous people and all the swapping that happens is a tid bit tedious, this would make item swapping amongst friends easier and bring together more players in a friendlier environment.

    Some ideas:
    You could allow one person to create a team inventory and he could create a set of permission and a white list for those who want to be involved in the inventory
    Items taken from a team inventory would not be trade-able unless you're an administrator of the team inventory
    Items taken from a team inventory return to the inventory after a set amount of time or if the player is removed from the group.
    Items can either be donated to the inventory or held in the inventory. If you donate the item it will permanently be in the inventory, even if you leave the team. Items held in the inventory will return to the original player when the player choices to either remove them or leave the team.
    Add a tool tip to items showing ownership and other important features.

    Any ideas or feed back?

    Just some pictures

    Where it states "Team Backpack" anything could go there, it could be the team name or just a defaulted text such as 'Team Backpack'
    Adding a timer to display how long the item has until it is returned isn't 100% necessary but it would be helpful.
    Adding text for when an item is being held in the inventory over donated will allow players to be aware of who owns the item and what they might lose when that player leaves their team
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        I like the idea. I play with many people and we really don't like having to switch things around for Sven and Bounty Hunter.


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          Very interesting...


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            *Update* Added some pictures to maybe help out the idea.


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              If something like this gets added (which I'd be surprised, as I'd imagine it may hurt sales), it almost makes me wish there was customizable cosmetics. Like a 'Team Cape' that would say your teams' name on it. Something like that would work nicely with a team inventory.


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                Originally posted by Nerdstick View Post
                If something like this gets added (which I'd be surprised, as I'd imagine it may hurt sales), it almost makes me wish there was customizable cosmetics. Like a 'Team Cape' that would say your teams' name on it. Something like that would work nicely with a team inventory.
                I highly doubt it would hurt sales to create a team inventory, people who play together on a usual basis are already swapping items during the picking phase of most games(I know at least eight or nine teams of guys on my friends list who are circulating items between themselves) this is just a way to make things convenient.

                And who's to say Valve couldn't charge for team back packs? Though I generally dislike the idea of charging money for this feature as it is something that could help the community bond and grow paying €1 or so for a 300+ slot backpack could be a way to mitigate losses. Though as stated before I doubt they'll lose any considerable amount of money.
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                  Gonna bump this once more to try and get a bit more in terms of feed back and ideas.


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                    I love this idea.


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                      Very interesting, would be nice to see it in the game!