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My opinion and suggestions on the "75% Battle Bonus" items

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  • My opinion and suggestions on the "75% Battle Bonus" items

    This week, when opening a chest, I have received a 75% Battle Bonus (3 days) item. I never really intended or wanted to get one, but hey, it's a free bonus! So I started looking at what it does and tried to figure out the optimal way to use this item (as the bonus was going to be in effect for 72 hours.) I decided to use it at the beginning of the weekend. After those 72 hours passed, I realized something.

    Basically, no matter how you look at it, the average DotA 2 player will probably only be able to 'enjoy' the BP Bonus for no more than half its total duration. Not only that, but various issues like unpredicted server downtime and prime hour internet slowdown times (for those with slower internet connections) keep players from benefiting from the bonuses in an optimal way.

    When activating said bonus, I was able to benefit from it for 20 matches. This translates to about 15 hours of gameplay. I am no hardcore player, but then again due to this being a work-free week for me, I was able to play a lot more often than usual, which was still about as many matches someone who works/studies during common daytime hours would be able to play if they were only playing DotA 2 in their mid-week free time, non-stop.

    However, some people like streamers and serious gamers might benefit more from this 72-hour bonus. Which is great for them, but not for other types of players.

    My first suggestion would be this:
    • Add another type of Battle Point Bonus item that grants the bonus for a set number of matches.

    My reasoning is that DotA 2 players, as consumers, should have the ability to choose between the two types (X days or X number of matches.) Players who play the game more often would benefit more from the timed ones, while casual players would benefit more from the other. In both cases, consumers are happy and money is made. In the current situation, I myself see no point in buying a 3-day bonus... and someone who plays once in a while with their friends at irregular times won't either.

    My second suggestion is this:
    • During server downtime, "freeze" the bonus' timer (or give additional bonus time) so the bonuses aren't wasted.

    My reasoning is that if a player buys and activates a 3-day bonus and for apocalyptic reasons the servers go down for 3 days, they should not be penalized for it. Consumers will be angry if this is the case, and rightfully so. It happened to me yesterday for about 30 minutes (no connection to Steam servers for 10 minutes, heavy lag for 30 more.)

    Last edited by Bleako; 07-11-2012, 09:58 AM.

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    i never had problems with "server downtimes" or "prime hour internet slowdown times" (playing on european server). dunno if other servers are affected from these issues but if so, future server upgrades will fix this


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      Originally posted by Phoenixclaw View Post
      i never had problems with "server downtimes" or "prime hour internet slowdown times" (playing on european server). dunno if other servers are affected from these issues but if so, future server upgrades will fix this
      Server downtimes can happen anytime really, occasionally you'll get a "No connection" message from Steam. It's been like that for a long while, before DotA 2.

      But I'm not talking specifically about the servers. I'm talking about people with not-that-great internet connections that slow down during peak time, you know, college internet or basic, relatively "slow" speed internet where you can only play late at night or early in the day (I used to have one.)


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        Stuff like xp boosters are normally bought by people who cannot play that often but wan't to see some kind of progress nonetheless - a match oriented battle boosters would fit them much better