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[S] Chests , Folders and Organization

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  • [S] Chests , Folders and Organization

    We are only a month or two since Workshop got released and we have loads of items. What will happen later? More pages?

    Why not allow players who opened a certain hero chest , to use that as a folder to that hero's items and locked boxes. For example , If I have loads of items for Axe. and I decided to buy a key to open Axe's chest. the chest I open for Axe is reusable as a folder icon for Axe's items. Now I can drag and drop axe stuff in it. Maybe that chest can only hold # items.

    • You can organize your items into different opened chests
    • Rename chests
    • Special event chest boxes , can store other stuff.
    • You can keep the cool looking chest boxes (For this guy)
    • Instead of the key vanishing , let the key return to you as "used". With a tag on what item that key got you! , you might want to keep it for it being lucky or it came from a special event.
    • Maybe you could recharge that key , by buying another key of the same type and combining that with your used key. (Stack tags on your key to show off how lucky you are)
    • Chests too can hold the tag of what item you got from it , but this can be removed if you wish.
    • Chest boxes as a workshop item , people can buy a chest box or for free other than the basic set. Also submit new models for chest boxes.
    • Use chests as gift boxes , wrapped with red ribbon for example instead of keys. For giveaways and friends.

    • Downloaded replays as items.
    • Use these chests to store Replays of matches and Organize these replays. Example: Rename a chest box "April 2012 replays".

    Possibly game breaking? no idea
    • Equip a chest box , to be viewed as the chest box that gets dropped when you put an item on the ground.

    Valve point of view
    • Encourages people to try out chests , lure factor.
    • More people buying keys not just for items.
    • Chest boxes appearing and browsable through your steam inventory (show off part).
    Last edited by Nemozini; 07-15-2012, 03:08 AM.

  • #2
    I like the idea of the boxes working as subfolders for specific heroes. Even sorting items by hero at the moment looks a bit messy.

    The cosmetic and show off parts do not harm so they're okay too.


    • #3
      I'd love to have more space and better means of organization (which will seem far more needed once there's a larger variety of hero cosmetics) but forcing the sale of chests to get space is the wrong way to go about it.


      • #4
        ^ sure , maybe have a chance of getting empty chests at the end of the game. At the end it is Valve's call.