Notice: Hefaistus used to the main mod in the Economy sections, however, health issues has caused him to stop moderating those sections. While he can still be contacted for some economy related issues, he no plays an active role in these parts.

This section is specifically about Dota 2 cosmetic item suggestions and feedback. This is not about customizing the game, bugs, new features or troubleshooting. All such threads can be closed, deleted or moved without notice. Please make sure you post in correct forum section.
Remember to post cosmetic item, store or economy bugs in their respective sections in the Dota 2 Economy category.

Prior to Hefaistus' departure, these sections had additional rules that extended the already existing forum rules. In due to his departure, these rules are generally no longer enforced. However, other mods may choose to enforce them in accordance to their discretion should there be any apparent abuse in the future.

The following topics were previously banned on the Dota 2 Economy sections, however may be banned again should there be any future abuse:
  • Upgrading specific items to immortal rarity. This includes requests and discussions.
  • Requesting specific Workshop items and sets to be included in the game. That is what the Workshop is for.

The following non-economy topics posted in any of the Dota 2 Economy sections can result in a ban without notice:
  • Threads concerning the report system, the mute system, and muting in general.
  • Threads concerning matchmaking, ratings, and winrate.
  • Threads concerning regionlocking, and limiting languages.

If you want to start making your own items/customizations, this might be a good place to start.

Note: Do you have a copyright concern for a recently added cosmetic item? It is recommended you contact the Dota 2 Team via e-mail. If you are uncertain about your case, you can also additionally have a mod* take a look to get some additional feedback concerning your suspicions.

*Despite his leave, Hefaistus can still be contacted for a second opinion.