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The entirety of the Diretide chest should be considered a bug.

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  • The entirety of the Diretide chest should be considered a bug.

    Honestly, how can any of the people at Valve behind this chest sleep at night? It is so incredibly random & unfair compared to the normal way that chests work (no duplicate commons until all commons are opened, increasing odds). I have spent over a 100 dollars buying and opening chests at this point and have received one Immortal, five Ambient sets, and nothing but commons (most of them duplicates). I once bought four chests and got three brown Viper skins in a row out of them. How is that reasonable? That I can spend over a hundred dollars to try and get a good item, but instead receive the same common items over and over again?
    Meanwhile, my friend tells me he got the immortal Snapfire set out of the second chest he ever opened.
    Yet I'm hundreds of dollars into opening them and can't get it.
    When an Arcana is 30 bucks... how can you actually rationalize this system? It's a horrible slot machine. Is this a game company or a back-alley casino? How can I feel anything but regret and stupidity for trying to get an immortal set?
    After spending hundreds of dollars on the TI Battle Pass this year and actually getting good items for it: this just feels like a slap in the face.
    PLEASE, if you are reading this and have the power to control how these chests work: DO NOT DO IT LIKE THIS. PLEASE, use the normal chest design that shows the "spin", doesn't give duplicates until all commons are obtained, and implements increasing odds. Because if I'm going to have to gamble to get these items, can you at least make the odds good enough that I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars, or play THOUSANDS of hours of the game? PLEASE. I'm just a minimum wage part-time worker, full-time college student. Please don't make me have to be wealthy enough to throw hundreds of dollars at your slot machine just to get some cool items.
    Last edited by Lingonius; 11-16-2020, 06:27 PM.
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