Just bought 2 bundles so i had lots of spins to do, most spins took a while before the item images and names showed (kept spinning until it loaded)
so, in total, it happended twice that the wheel never loaded the assets and fell on "spin again". im guessing some kind of timeout
the first time im pretty sure i got another try but the second time it happened was my last spin and i never got that spin.
Now i know there could be some lag before im given the free spin so i waited about 30 minutes before posting this (restarting the game and so on) but nothing yet
also, as far as i can tell the spins are not "items" in the armory that you can use. you can only load the wheel and spin if the game determines you have any. i dont see anyway to open the wheel without having spins already and pressing the icon under my profile in the main screen