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[economy] Rare item ?

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  • [economy] Rare item ?

    Why does the rare sets are more common than common sets ? I mean,we have 3 or 4 pages of rare/mythical sets and 0 commmon and uncommon. It doesnt make sense. Rare should be rare,lol. 3 or 4 per page. Its make reward after match pretty useless,since we got always same items common.
    I hope you undertand. Ty.

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    if you look at your inventory you see you have more common than uncommons than rare than mythicals (assuming you don't trade and everything is from ingame drops)

    but yes it doesn't make sense to have so many rare cosmetics and so less common cosmetics.
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      I think it's because most of the commons you get are chests
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        yes,but its all old items. theres no new items common and uncommon.
        my common and uncommon i see since i joined dota 2 lol. about 2 or 3 years,idk


        • #5
          almost 2 years.


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            A bundle's rarity indicates the highest rarity of an item in that bundle. So a bundle that is marked 'rare' contains a rare, but nothing of higher rarity. Most bundles contain a couple commons, a couple uncommons, and a rare or mythical. A bundle with a mythical item would be marked 'mythical.' It doesn't mean every item is at that rarity. Bundles themselves do not drop and so do not have a concept of drop rarity. Their relative rarity in the economy would be an aggregate of all the rarities of the items they contain.

            I may misunderstand your question, though.


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              A bundle's rarity indicates the highest rarity of an item in that bundle.
              Some of them are still bugged btw.

              But yeah, that answers it in a nutshell. Set rarities only mattered in the early days of cosmetics, because most sets were actually a particular rarity. Now all-common sets are simply non-existent, and uncommon/common sets very rare.

              I explain it better in this topic;



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                I think that you are misunderstanding the question: I think that the OP is telling that the value of some Rare items is sometimes not worth a common item (there's sometimes more units of a rare set in the wild than the number of a common set).

                So sometimes, a common set is more valuable than a rare set, and he doesn't find it logic. To tell you the truth, this is my point of view as well.
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