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IXDL item abuse

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  • IXDL item abuse

    So basically there is no ticket for this IXDL-SAIL "tournament" in the shop, but apparently a few people have the tickets and are getting all the items.

    Dont think thats appropriate in any way. They have like 250+ heroic items each just from this tournament. From my observation, it is 3 people.

    This is one of them:

    Then there is some "xx" guy which I cant find his steam profile and some other Lubby guy with not so many items, cuz only started "farming them" recently

    edit: xx guy: (14 pages = 350 items)
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    Screenshot, these 3 people farming items all day all month long in this "tournament"
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      Originally posted by puTTy View Post

      Screenshot, these 3 people farming items all day all month long in this "tournament"
      There are two more that are doing it as well. The biggest offenders are those 3 though. When you combine the five of them together it is somewhere around 400 items just from the last 24 hours. If you include EVERY heroic they've gotten—most of which are from the last 3 weeks—it is more like 1000+.

      If this isn't blatant cheating I don't know what is.


      • #4
        i just bought a ticket for this tournament and only 2 guys get drops in the game.
        this is so fracking unfair. At least 3 drops should happen, but there are only 2.


        • #5
          just tried another game that started later, and even tough i have a ticket, only one drop happened


          • #6
            this is annoying me more than it should... i mean it's only 69 cents... but this is just blatant cheat.

            nevermind, i got the wrong ticket, got the IXDL : Battle of the regions

            frack. sorry for the spam guys.
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              yea you cant buy it seems like its the same people just changed names


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                Originally posted by puTTy View Post
                yea you cant buy it seems like its the same people just changed names
                I got in touch with a few of the broadcasters and they told me to shut up and enjoy the free tournament. The rest just ignored me and I can't get any responses from an official organizer.

                They are changing their names a lot now because people are complaining in chat, after seeing the same people get hundreds of drops. This is just one sneaky bunch of people using the premise of a free tournament to abuse the ticket system.

                I finally got a response from the support ticket I submitted on them and all it said was to make a post here lol. I want to see these guys punished for this crap and for it to not happen again.


                • #9
                  They are back at it again. Apparently this is an every day thing.

                  No one has been punished and no official response.


                  • #10
                    And "Dendi" got 8 items in a row yesterday.

                    Also he's from Russian and was blaming in spectator chat.
                    With such inventories they can buy anything they want in Steam


                    • #11
                      so this has been happening for past 4 days..? lol good job valve..
                      Hurrr Durrr, Herp Derp


                      • #12
                        Well you can be sure they will be punished for it in some way. Shit happens.


                        • #13
                          Well you can be sure they will not be punished for it in any way. Don't expect any reply from valve.*


                          • #14
                            Any heroic item of his trades will be deleted. Include any heroic item of this tournament on whole server.

                            And ,they will be banned.

                            Last edited by Mukadelheid; 01-03-2014, 09:49 PM.


                            • #15
                              Two of them look like they had their inventories wiped. All of the other heroics are gone. The tournaments are also shut down.

                              Mission accomplished I suppose. They deserve worse IMO but at least it is something.