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Compendium Battle Points not scaled properly !

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  • Compendium Battle Points not scaled properly !

    Hello . My Compendium should give me 240 % points at lvl 15 ( what i currently have ) + 22 % from 2 other compendiums in game . but i do not receive them in full .
    If i was buying a 80 % Point Booster that would mean i would earn 180 % points during a match .... But by buying the compendium with 240 % point booster i dont get 100 % + 240 % but only 140 % bonus point booster .

    My last game i had 186 Total Points , 118 points bonus out of which 14 were shared , 10 party and 94 battle .

    So i earned 186 - 118 = 68 Points normally during the game .
    By math 68 / 100 ( 1 % ) * 240 ( my point booster % ) = 163.2 | 0.68 * 22 ( others boosting me through compendium ) = 14.96 .

    68 ( normal earned ) + 163.2 + 14.96 + 10 ( shared party friend ) = 255 ( not counting 0.x points ) or 256.16 ( counting 0.x points ) . So something is wrong like this .

    This is not what i was promised when i brought the compendium !

    AND MORE IT even shows me when i start the game how much bonus i get .... and its 100 % less than what it should be !

  • #2
    My compendium say 210% but if I read inside the book I should have 250%...
    This is how Dota2 games should look like! Game 1_Game 2_Game 3_Game 4_Game 5_Game 6


    • #3
      I have normally 500% compendium booster but at the pre game screen it says like 200 -300 each game... FIX THIS PLOX !!


      • #4
        Today i got to play with a friend in party . He had like more points than me and he doesn't even own a compendium ... Great job Valve . . . . .


        • #5
          Same with me, i should get a 230 % battle bonus, but instead i receive only 100 % bonus, some of my friends, without having a compendium, get more bonus than me. I would level my compendium if i knew that i would get the 500 % bonus for sure.
          I would highly appreciate a fix, it seems like its only a small miscalculation, cause my mates get the bonus of mine properly.


          • #6
            Even more latest news , beyond all this at lvl 17 i should have 250 % booster but my booster has not upgraded from 240 ... This is annoying really . Nothing displayed shows what i should be earning in battle points .


            • #7
              I leveld up my compendium too :|
              i shud have like 240% boost! but its showing 210% ONLY :|


              • #8
                Same thing is happening to me. Should be getting 500% points but I usually only get about 200 - 300 per game, while my friend with a lower booster gets more.