Any chance of seeing the item in the store with the same price they have on TI4 catalogue (4USD) instead of inside a chest? I have speculation that it might sell more if it's on store instead of in chests. I know many people want it but hesitate to buy it, also to buy the chest, because let's face it, only the DK set is worth it there yet a 9USD prize in the C-Market only net you guys 15% of the set, and people aren't opening the chest that much I'm guessing because they're not sure if they'll get what they want. I think people would buy the set instead, many would as it has great design for a rare set. I would definitely buy it if it's in the store for 4 USD, but at this moment, the chest is too much of a gamble since people mostly want only one thing, the DK set, they want the Pudge Hook too but that is if they're lucky. I think you guys would make more profit if it's released in store (at the current rare set price which is 4 USD) than if you guys are only depending on chest sales.