So last night , I only played two games.. Shadow Shaman and Pudge; the first game, I buy courier, cool , it' s my golden corrupted jadehorn normal;
placing my item of wards everywhere along the map; we come so close to winning blah blah blah -
Exit game, play 2 or 3 hours later again; Open Dota ; select to find game, Did not think WTF: my global items will be reset, so let me check it-
Pick Pudge - in AP - buy courier; Get into the game... It's a default PACK MULE!?!?!? WTFinF!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY IS DOTA RESETTING MY INVENTORY TO DEFAULT ITEMS/WEATHER/MAP/TERRAIN/WARDS/MUSIC/ANNOUNCERS ?!!?!?!?!?!?!? when I clearly have an abundant list of things I want, and default is never one of them....

This makes me sick;

This is the second time this week that I buy a courier and its a mule- since the Pudge arcana was relased;