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Strange Item and Modifiers

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  • Strange Item and Modifiers

    I think the current system of strange items and modifiers is not optimal and needs to be changed again. Since all new chest items track only kills you need at least 2 keys to get the item and the modifier you want. However, the chance that you actually get both even from multiple chests is so low that you need to trade. While is not bad per se, Diablo 3 has shown that a game which relies too much on trading is not as rewarding as one which allows players to get what they want by themselves (and trading is much more convenient in Diablo 3 compared to Dota 2). In addition to the time and effort needed for trading, the current system makes strange items so expensive that many players are detered from investing in strange items. Finally, many new and cool items are not available in chests, a problem which is likely becoming bigger over time when more and more items and heros are added into the game - in the end there will be so many chest series per hero that it will be very difficult to keep track, especially for new players.

    So what should Valve do? I think there should be two types of chests:
    1) Chests with special items which are limited to chests (at least for some time) - the summer sale has shown that people will buy keys if they can get some special/limited items, even if these items are not strange. In my opinion the period of exclusivity should be longer than it has been for the last summer items.
    2) Modifier chests which contain various strange modifiers in different rarities and no items at all. These modifiers should be applicable to all normal items and make them strange. In addition valve could sell some new tool which enables to transfer the modifier and tracked stats to some other item. Since this would harm sales for keys, this tool would need to come at a price point comparable to keys i.e. 0,99$-1,99$. This would reduce the risk of putting one or multiple rare modifiers to an item which might be replaced by something cooler soon afterwards.

    Overall much more people would be interested in strange items - they would be not as expensive as they are now and everybody could use his or her favorite items while tracking stats. With special item-only chests and legendary/mythical modifiers there could still be exclusive combinations which are hard to achieve and could be traded for many keys. Most importantly the overall effect on sales should be positive - while players who are currently buying many keys to get the right combination of item and modifier would buy less keys, many new players who are currently not into keys would buy modifiers and the tools to transfer them.
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      What about adding a strange essence that can be bought? Because I want to make my Windrunner Mythical Bow strange but I can't ... well from what I know you have to get the item from the chest so I can't make it strange...

      Though I feel like that may be too gimmicky as many people would just go buy a million strange essence modifier and everyone then will have strange items hmm -.-!


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        Please let people add modifiers to normal items... scrap this whole strange thing, it's not like people can trade items with stacked stats, as of now I have several modifiers I can't use because I don't even have items for the heroes.


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          Strange creation idea

          I'm posting this because I've traded for a number of strange modifiers only to realize i couldn't use them on the heroes i wanted. I didn't know that you could only use strange modifiers on strange items, which I've learned are only available through chest drops.
          Although i understand this, making strange items exceedingly rare, i feel this is somewhat limiting to peoples wants for customization. So I've had an idea that might help give people a way to get this customization while also keeping these strange items very rare.

          I was thinking about a system that you could go through that would make the item strange, not a trade-able tool or anything that would produce alot of them, but something that made you scrap various items in various amounts, like 5 mythical, 20 rares, 50 uncommons, and 100 common items to make a single item strange. Then people would either have to trade, work very hard to get an item to be strange.

          You could make something like the essences for the eggs, where you scrap 10 commons for a common essence, and you'll need 10 common essences, then 5 rares/mythical for a rare/mythical essence. Then you would put them into the item in order to make it strange applicable. You could even set it to only needing a maximum amount of essences based on rarity if that was wanted.

          A system like this would hopefully keep a balanced economy while also promoting trades and allow people to put a strange modifier: god-likes, on pudge's meat hook. It should also keep the strange items rare. You could also use it to implement other forms of item alterations and such. I think it would work like the tf2 item creator, although i'm not certain how that work. You could even implement an item creator for dota2, and just make this a sort of upgrade system for items. Either way i'd love to be able to put strange modifiers on my mythical s and awesome looking rares so they can gain their own prestige.


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            modifiers should be availible on any items